Blog - November 28, 2022

Day 28 : The November Happiness Challenge 2022


When we talked about Music and Dance yesterday, I wanted to include Movies, but I just knew that it deserved a post of its own. Movies are goated, if you get what I mean, and I love how reality is mixed with fiction to create fantastic works of arts for our enjoyment. The industry itself being a money making one gives me joy because many entertainers get their means of survival and livelihood from it while doing what they enjoy. There is nothing as beautiful as being passionate about something and making money while at it. I thoroughly enjoy Yoruba movies. Wait, hear me out. I know you are rolling your eyes at me but please just let me present my case. For me, movies are supposed to be purely for entertainment. I want to watch a movie and laugh and generally have a feel good moment. I don’t have to start thinking so deep and rigorously because I want to follow a story and make it make sense. There is already so much toughness and calculation happening in the real world and I would rather not subject myself to that intentionally all in the name of watching a movie. Yoruba movies give me that ease and I’d love to stick to them. This doesn’t mean I don’t watch other movies though. I enjoy films and TV shows that have romantic themes because you already know how enthusiastic I am about healthy relationships and how people are able to wing it. I also like those that promote sisterhood, brotherhood or any kind of great community.  I’m currently watching Sistas by Tyler Perry and I’m so hooked, I even followed another series that was an offshoot of it, that’s how much I have been enjoying it. I like the intrigue, comedy and presentation of how different people manage their relationships, it shows a lot of behind the scenes in relationships and it is quite enjoyable. I like Bollywood movies too and how unrealistic they are. Lol. Their attempt at making things look so superficial will never not be funny to me, the songs too are a plus, and I love their outfits and beauty. I have also fallen into peer pressure by beginning to like Korean movies. Many of my friends watch them and they won’t stop singing their praises so I decided to try them out and I’ve been hooked. You should try them too, never say never. Anytime I feel like relaxing while eating or just sitting with my family, We tune in to Youtube and randomly select a Yoruba movie. My partner was initially not a fan of such but I’m glad I’ve been able to successfully initiate him into liking them. He still watches his foreign movies with tough themes and I don’t stop him since he doesn’t stop me either. lol. I sometimes join him in watching those movies and I leave when I realise it is getting too complicated. Again, I’m not interested in watching anything that has hard themes and people who fight and shoot and what not. Just give me Wumi Toriola and Femi Adebayo please, I’m good. We created a habit as a couple and that’s having a movie night every Friday. Because we ultimately have different preferences with movies, we balance it out by making one person choose for this week while the other person chooses the next week, this way, no one feels left out and we both put our minds to enjoying it regardless of who chose. We even banter ourselves when one person chooses a movie and it doesn’t end up interesting. It is a bonding exercise that I’d really recommend for couples. If you have kids, you could do it after their bed time if they have a routine. Movies work for people even when they don’t feel so good especially if it’s a funny and feel good movie. It improves their moods and generally makes them feel better with the make believe scenes and activities. I am very happy that Movies exist. I really am. What kind of Movies do you watch or prefer? Are you a team ‘anything goes’ or you watch particular kinds? Are you a Yoruba film lover like me or you don’t rate those of us who watch it? Feel free to share. I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Olatoun

    November 28, 2022

    I really enjoy Yoruba movies, especially the classics. I feel like the production quality and plot has weakened over the years and improvements could be made, but overall, I’d enjoy a good Yoruba movie if I can find a solid one to enjoy.

  2. Kheffytee

    November 29, 2022

    I love youruba movies ans 8 out of 10 times u catch me watching movies, its always a yoruba movie. I watch other nollywood movies as well, and foreign ones courtesy of my husband but u won’t see me searching for it. I love Indian crime movies as well.

  3. Olajumoke

    November 29, 2022

    I definitely am not a Yoruba movie lover, for the same reasons you find them entertaining. I thought their earlier productions were better in terms of scripting and acting, than the recent ones that are merely for “entertainment”, save a few.

    While I am not big on movies, generally, I enjoy watching Romcoms and action movies. I’ve also followed a few series for their intriguing stories. I do agree with you that movie time is great for bonding, and I endorse it. Beautiful write up👏🏾

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