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The Z and W Wedding : Episode 3

This is a long overdue post and I apologize, I hope you guys forgive me. You can read the previous episode here  After we received his clothes from the tailor in Abuja, He tried them on when we got to the house  and we both stared at each other then started laughing. The clothes were beautiful, in fact they were perfect… perfect for a casual outing! We decided there and then that we couldn’t let him wear them for the big event , which meant we had to go shopping for something else. It was quite painful because we spent a lot on the fabrics and the fault was from the tailor who just couldn’t do the execution properly. Babe then suggested that we contact our friend and designer in Ibadan, Mr Jay Couture (I have featured him somewhere on the blog before ) to help with the outfits. This was what we initially wanted to do but we didn’t know how to go about it considering that we would need to get his measurements across.  Now that the Abuja tailor had failed us, we were back to that plan and after speaking to Mr Jay, he suggested we find a tailor around who could take good measurements using the list he would send as a guideline. This we did, and the measurements were sent across. We told him all that we wanted in terms of colours and left him to work his magic, which he did.


Remember earlier when I said our folks were sorting the cost of the space and rentals? They sorted these too. My mum was able to get someone who was involved in space decorations and cake baking so she gave a cost and the bill was split among our parents (They indulged us a lot, didn’t they? )


This caused a bit of back and forth because my husband and I wanted a really hip MC while my father in law had someone in mind as the MC, he had attended lots of events the person anchored and he felt the person was really good. Babe and I ganged up and told him that we already got someone (bad shildren abi)? My brother said he knew someone who could be our DJ ( Same person was there for his wedding) and this DJ said he had some MCs he works with so he gave a cost for both which we sorted. The DJ is DJ TJ while the MC is MCeePassword. They really outdid themselves and I was glad we made that choice. For the live band, father In law came through and told us he had paid someone already! Wawuu. By the way, these live bands aren’t cheap o. I didn’t expect the cost to be extremely low  but I definitely didn’t think it would be that high. I probably should consider gathering some of my girls and starting a band, proper money making venture. lol


We knew we needed to lodge somewhere at least a day to the event because our  respective houses would be full of buzz. We also knew that I particularly would need a quiet space for make up and all the paparazzi that comes with it. The photographer would also be at the hotel very early to take us peng pictures , so you see, there were numerous reasons for this. Now, we knew we needed a nice hotel and we felt well, shebi it’s Ibadan, this should not be so expensive. Lol were we wrong! We searched fro nice hotels and went with Palm 77 hotel around Ikolaba in Ibadan. Nice ambience and all that. Babe and I visited the place and we paid for a night and half day, for two rooms. A night and half day because we would be checking in a day before the wedding and we would be returning there after the wedding to check out properly. Two rooms because, you know, we weren’t married yet officially and also, his best man would stay with him while my CBM would be with me. download 1488162934Palms 77 Hotel room2  


I mentioned earlier that my husband was not totally in support of this because we were not sure of the religious stance on it, so we went seeking knowledge and were told that it was allowed.  At this time, we were in Abuja and we realised that we needed to register at the registry at least three weeks before the day we wanted, ( It was at this time I learnt that this had to be done so they would paste both names at the local govt. and even publish in newspapers so that anyone who had previously been married to the intending bride and groom would show face and prevent the proposed marriage from happening.) We decided to have it in Ibadan and My mum went to the Ibadan North local government to register for us. Sorted right? Whew!  


We initially wanted to have our Nikkah at the University of Ibadan central mosque but my father had other plans. He wanted us to be joined by our Alfa and he related this to us which we agreed on. The plan was that the Nikkah would be done first thing in the morning at the wedding venue and that was what we did. We planned that this would be followed by the engagement and then the reception

ALAGA IDURO AND IJOKO (Anchors of the Trad. Wedding)

There is this woman called Ebony and she is the one who does the Alaga duties for the family (Did for my sister and brother) so she was contacted. One of her teammates would also be the Alaga iduro so this was handled by both parents. This has been a really lengthy post right? I know so myself, Read more in the next episode, which I hope would be the last or second to the last!. Thanks for sticking by, ya all are too cool.        

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  1. Abdulhammed

    April 3, 2019

    Wow, well you’re forgiven. We are anticipating the next one

  2. Balikis

    April 3, 2019

    Wow… planning wedding isn’t funny, anticipating the next episode 💃

  3. Jalaalat

    April 6, 2019

    No be small thing ooo.well done sis.

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