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The Happiness Challenge : Day 3

I met Dele on social media sometime in 2011 or 2012. By social Media , I mean Twitter. We used to have a lot to say to each other on the timeline then one day, he sent me a direct message and asked for my BBM pin. I was reluctant at first as I did not know why he wanted it , but I love to make friends and our conversations had given me a glimpse of the kind of person he was, witty and Intelligent, I gave him my pin and our conversation continued on BBM. We were cool. Sometime in 2013, he visited Ibadan from Lagos and came around to the house. We had a good time like we had been friends for a long time and it was all joy. He left for Lagos and we kept in touch. Fast forward to two years later, early 2015 when I had been through with my Masters’ degree the previous year and staying home doing nothing looked too tragic for me. I started talking to my friends about informing me of opportunities around. I told Dele briefly and he told me he would put that in mind. One fateful Sunday evening in March 2015, I got a call from him asking if I could come to Lagos the next day because there was an opening somewhere and the interview was immediate, I spoke to my mum and the next morning, I was on my way to Lagos. I wasn’t a regular Lagos visitor, so getting my way around was looking like a really big deal. Dele called me to say he would pick me from wherever the bus stopped me to the Interview venue so I wouldn’t miss it as it was fixed for a time.  True to his words, he picked me from Yaba and took me to Lekki Jakande (If you stay in Lagos, you should know how far this is). while he was driving me there, I was agitated and scared that I might not get there in time but he kept calming me and saying I shouldn’t bother my head. As he said, we made it to the venue just in time! It did not stop there, he actually waited in the car for me, till I finished the interview! Despite all the calls he was getting from people who needed to see him (Even for business), he made sure he sorted me and took me back to where I was familiar with before leaving.  It was too much for me guys, I couldn’t understand why someone could be so amazing and would want to go all out for me all based on platonic friendship at a very short time.  I got the job guys, I got my first job through a friend who did not ask for anything in return, a friend who did not know of my existence before social Media, an amazing friend! Five or six months down the line, I got tired of the job and I was not happy with how I was feeling, I felt reluctant to leave because I did not want him to feel bad for getting me the job in the first place. I then complained to him and said I ddn’t know what to do. Guess what? Dele told me to leave if that was what my heart told me to do and I would surely get something better. I got so emotional and teary and this young man actually cried with me. See ehn, there are some people that God won’t stop blessing because of how amazing they really are, Dele is one! I pray for you today, my friend, that the Almighty will mention your name in the best of places and he will grant all your beneficial desires. I pray God continues guiding and guarding your ways and perfects all your doings. I cherish you a lot, a little more than a lot, actually. Dele has a brand , called The Credible way and they sell the most gorgeous shoes ever.   There are hats too and a couple of this and that. Have a peep at few things from their Gallery black_oxfords 147817348295414781733827321478173432611-11478173410067 You can check their website here or follow them on Instagram and Twitter @thecredibleway, Get shoes for your self or a loved one, and guess what? They are affordable too. He is one of our partners and he is giving a gift bag to one of our winners. It could be you. Now to our task for the day, I appreciated Dele and gave a story of how he has been instrumental to my success story (oh yea I know I’m still a work in progress) , because that is what we are going to do today. Sit back and think of that friend or  friends that have been very supportive, be it in deed , saying or whatever. Reach out to them and tell them how much you appreciate what they have been in your life and say a deep word of prayer for them. Pour your love out to them and let them know they are more than a big deal. Could be a friend who has helped you spiritually or financially, a friend who is always there to give you advice, a friend who is always willing to go the extra mile for you,a friend who never thinks your trouble is too much for them to bear and who has your back always. Reach out to them and let us know how they felt after you did. You could also tell us who they are and what they have done that you can never forget. Today is Friendship appreciation day people! Let’s do this… I’ll be back. BOS    

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    November 3, 2016

    That would be my friend Funmi. Back at Uni, Funmi taught me of the importance of savings. She wouldn’t let me spend unnecessarily. She would save any money given to me unexpectedly. For instance, if a roommates parent or guardian visits and gives everyone money, she would preach, don’t spend it to me, reminding me that I wasn’t expecting the money and that I wasn’t broke afterall” .
    Little did I know that she was writing it down and helping me save for something tangible. Back then, it was always very little stipends ranging from 500 – 1000Naira at the most. So I never really used to keep a tab on how much I had saved so far, apart from the fact that I trusted her, I didn’t know or never considered the fact that it’s the little amounts that sum up to the big amounts later.
    Then one day, she told me that I had saved up to 11,500 and since I wasn’t broke at the moment she adviced that I buy a gold chain with the money. Thankfully, I took her advice then and I only bought a pendant and earrings much later when I started working and could afford them conveniently.
    Fast forward to two months ago I sold that same gold chain for almost 50,000naira. Thanks to the current dollar rate.
    Sometimes I wonder what she’s made of. Cause I am naturally a nonchalant person when it comes to the issue of friendship and I often take her love for granted. Yet, she loves me ceaselessly and pulls me even closer everytime. I love you Mrs Borode!

    • November 3, 2016

      Aww that’s beautiful. May God keep you both

  2. Afolabi Monsurat

    November 3, 2016

    I just appreciated my closest friends and funnily enough, I felt happy. These ppl are the closest ppl i call friends and I don’t even appreciate them enough. I await their responses. Lol.

  3. November 3, 2016

    Dele must be such an amazing person.
    I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made via Twitter. Especially the friends that were there when I was in need. I remember when I needed to buy a tripod so that I could begin making YouTube videos, motolani was one of the very few people who contributed money to made the dream come true. I’m grateful for your words of advice and encouragement. You are a very generous person.
    I’m grateful for my friends in school especially taiwo, Remy, and of course my Bibi.

    • November 3, 2016

      You are welcome darling. regards to Bibi. Lol

  4. November 3, 2016

    Awww, God bless Dele for you.

    I thought of a friend I met when I was serving and I called him. We used to be inseparable during service year and distance just bridged a silly gap between us. I called him now and I don’t even know who was more excited between us. He was so happy I called him and he said the last time I was this happy was when I got my current job.

    Talking to him now made me realized how much I have missed him in my life. And I will try to keep in touch with him more now.

    Thanks so much for sharing this post Tolani. I am glad I was able to put a smile on his face today…

    • November 3, 2016

      You are welcome Debs. I’m glad I was able to put a smile on your face.

  5. November 3, 2016

    Hmmmmm! I need a friend like dele in my life😶😶.
    That one person that has always been there for me is BILI, don’t get me wrong I have amazing friends (eg vivian) that have been good to me. They can remove Thier eyes for me. But you see BILI ehn, she is God sent. From remedial days when I was staying with my aunt in Minna, she will buy me lunch everyday in school because she knows I didn’t have money to buy food except any little thing I ate from the house. When remedial didn’t get me admission that I had to do diploma, she squat me for 2years.not just accommodation but feeding without making me feel like I didn’t pay for the food I’m eating. Because she understands the situation of things at home then. It didn’t just stop there, when we have to buy handouts and I don’t have money BILI will buy for two. When I lost my mum and my brother had to come down to Minna to stay with me, BILI took him like her brother talking about how he got admission to the school he is, foods and all. Dis girl has been there tru thin and thick. Only Allah SWT would bless this girl for me and grant all her request. May HE give her that special one that she seeks. Did I get to mention how she made me to start absorbing my salat daily without missing one or how you inspired me to learn how to read the Quran? Too much to say walahi
    I think I need to screen shot this and send to her.

  6. November 3, 2016

    Like seriously swthrt you mean you still have me in mind? that was the exclamation i got from OSIFO when i tendered my appreciation. He was my x and even though we are no longer together, he was part of my success story today because when everybody gave up on me, he encouraged me. when i taught i cant be a graduate, because my Dad den dont believe in training a woman in sch with the believe that another man will marry her and she will be useful to him alone. #smiles but Osifo was there. Osifo was very sincere to me right from my diploma days in FUTMiNNa, @Leema can attest to that how we were then treated like non student because we are not in Fulltime degree. but he was proud of me, showed me to his friends, takes me to sch every night to teach me maths and physics in preparation for my post UTME to the detriment of his Exams, I was his dinner date for his final year when others were showing their classy babes he made me classy instead,
    One day he tested me and guess what? i passed. he called me one faithful day that one of his female friend wants to buy him a fone what do i think? other girls might be jealous but i simply said AWESOME he now told me to sujest a fone to him so he can tell her. so i sujested Nokia E’series very expensive den i intentionally mentioned that so that the lady will spend more. little did i know the surprised fone was actually for me Waoooooo. He got it at a very high rate i was amazed. this same friend always gives me his ATM card with Pin to make withdrawal always, visited when i was working with GTB u know how busy i can be, but he was there, washed and ironed my clothes, cooks for me b4 i get back really he was an amazing friend, He did not get tired he was ready to pay bribe to make sure i gain admission and i finally did.
    Another amazing friend is ofcourse no other that Leema, she has been a good friend, always encouraged me especially in sch, reading and all that. sometimes i dont even have time table but she always calls to remind me of everything never get tired or complained about airtime Tnk u so much boo…… and she replied you are always welcome

    • November 3, 2016

      😁😁😁😁 omo igbooo. That ATM pin got me smiling. My friend like money no be small.
      You are welcome darling. I will do more if I have the chance my love. Anambara loading!!!!! Asoebi loading!!! We are shuting down that town!

  7. November 3, 2016

    Am so Glad and happy i did this to so many of them today. some were still shocked and happy i remembered them Tnks for this platform kudos to the initiator

  8. November 3, 2016

    Awwwnnn lots of stories here, Alhamdulillahi @leeema you’ve got a best friend.
    No story to share here, Alhamdulillahi for those who have been there and so supportive to my brand,jazakumullahu Khayran.

  9. aminah

    November 3, 2016

    Well I think I also need a dele in my life right now…but Alhamdulilah I have such amazing friends that have impacted me in positive ways.

  10. Toyin

    November 3, 2016

    First I would like to commend you, this happiness challenge is amazing. Kudos!
    Shout out to my friend Adetunbi, he is that one friend who is ready to listen to whatever I’ve got to say without judging me, it’s safe to say he’s got my back anytime. I’m glad to know you, and I pray God be with you everyday of your life. Amen

  11. Adebimpe Ayeyunmi

    November 3, 2016

    I can never forget my good friend Yemi,she is the best. I could remember when i was in abeokuta and i was really sick and couldn’t go to lagos, i called her and she came to abeokuta that same day from lagos just to pick me…God bless you Olayemi

    • November 4, 2016

      Aaamin. Wow, that’s awesome. We owe her food next time she comes

  12. Shay

    November 3, 2016

    I have too many good stories to share. It’s hard to pick one so I won’t be writing any 😆 Anyway, I composed an epistle and sent it to my best friend. The first reply I got was “Aishah, are you dying?” which made me laugh really hard…but on second thoughts, it meant I don’t appreciate my friends enough. More like I don’t say it though. So Tolani, thank you for that.

    • November 4, 2016

      You are welcome, I’m glad I’m making you do something nice

  13. Toyin

    November 3, 2016

    Shout to Adetunbi, the one friend that listens to whatever I have to say, advice me and not judge me, understands when I’m not in the mood to be friendly and still stands by me anytime of the day. May God be there for you always… Xoxo

  14. Ameerat

    November 3, 2016

    I’m blessed with many friends that have always been there for me. I don’t even know who to write about. Anyway, today I paid a surprise visit to one of my old friends and she was overjoyed. Samiat got my back many times back in uni, from keeping seat for me at lecture halls to other numerous things. She’ld reserve slots for me till she’s sure I don’t want them. I appreciate her and many other friends a lot.

    • November 4, 2016

      Alhamdulilah. May Allah’s rahma never cease on you and your friends.

  15. November 3, 2016

    I have a met a lot of people that has impacted my life positively. From Funmi who always stress the importance of prayers and had all the time to listen to my rants way back in school. To Jessica who would come and see me all the way from Cotonou and got me one of my still favorite shoes. I was meant to see Lope today but she didn’t pick my calls, I bought her a cold shoulder top in appreciation for all she has been to me, always making sure I was ontop of my game even after we graduated. Amavy submitted my cv where I work presently and I still remember what she said that day on the phone “just make sure you pass the test”. I have a very long list and I appreciate them all at every point in time when I can, but I have to mention Tavy. He is a great soul and I am still amazed at the things he does for, the was he goes out of his way to make sure I smile is incredible.. I would sure give him lots of kisses tonight.

    • November 4, 2016

      Just look at how God sends angels in human form to us. We stay thankful

  16. Maimuna

    November 3, 2016

    My friend Maryam who i will have known for 20 years next year december. She is my rock, don’t know what my life will be without her. X

    • November 4, 2016

      Awwn 20 years. Wow, that’s a long time. May you both be very happy

  17. Aminah

    November 3, 2016

    A friend helped me out financially when I was in a tough spot a few weeks ago and I really appreciated that. What stood out for me was that she probably gave me all she had at that time to help me out of my situation. I Just sent her a message to say thanks again.

    • November 4, 2016

      Wow. It’s just so amazing how people can go out of their way to help us in life. May god bless people like this. You got yourself a Gem b

  18. Hijabs_by_aesha

    November 3, 2016

    My friend Sekinah is everything!!..Been five years now I’ve known her and it’s been a beautiful relationship….We rock school together and somehow some peoplemistake us for sisters.Oh well, We are!….. I keep a very tiny circle of friends so I can’t imagine what it would be like without her. I’d go make her head swell right away.
    Can’t wait for tomorrow’s CHALLENGE! !

    • November 4, 2016

      Awwn pretty Sekinah. I’m glad you have someone who is a friend and sister to you. May Allah’s Nur keep shining on you both

  19. Toyin

    November 4, 2016

    Shout to my friend Adetunbi, the one who is ready to listen anytime, advice but never judge me. He understands, especially when I’m not in the mood to be friendly, He’s got my back from day one and till this moment. I’m glad to have known you dear. May God keep you

  20. Miss F

    November 4, 2016

    Fati is and has always been my go to friend. Shes the most amazing person I probably ever met. She has always been there every single time I needed her to be. I really don’t even know where to start now, tbh. I can only pray that Allah reunite us all in Jannah.

    • November 4, 2016

      That’s beautiful! May Allah preserve the love between you both. Amin

  21. aminah

    November 4, 2016

    Alhamdulilah I have such amazing friends from Barakah to Moturayo they have both impacted me in beautiful ways. May Allah grant us our heart desires.

  22. Aminah

    November 4, 2016

    Alihamdulillah I have amazing friends from Barakat to Moturayo beautiful creatures! May Allah grant our heart desires.

  23. Zeenat

    November 4, 2016

    I wouldn’t want to miss out on today’s task, I ve been caught up in a very busy web but now I can come to complete dis task!
    Although I don’t ve any friends like Dele,ve got amazing friends that have come thru for me one way or another in my time of need..
    Here’s wishing them lots of happiness in life and God’s Favour in all of their endeavors

  24. November 4, 2016

    I don’t have a lot of friends but a big Alhamdulillah for the ones I do have.
    Aisha has to be one of the most amazing people I know, how she keeps up with my annoying mood-swings is still a mystery. She’s always been there for me at my worst, the days I’d cry endlessly worried about things that are yet to even happen, tell me how amazing I was. And one thing she said in one of those days stuck “if anybody I know deserves good things it’s you” considering we don’t do mushiness that is a big deal lol and I still remind myself that.

    I’m grateful for Samia, we became from through a random comment on her IG post, she started sharing her poems way before I did, at the time I was still very insecure about my writing. She asked to see them and prompted me to start sharing them. We’ve been good friends since then Alhamdulillah.

    Now I have to go tell them that😊

    • November 4, 2016

      Yes, please tell them. I’m glad you have wonderful friends sis

  25. SaHeed

    November 4, 2016

    Back then in secondary school( posit) I remember my very good friend Femi Akande he got my back,brings money to school buy food and stuff for me. Also Adams back then in poly when I was financially handicap he pay for my HND FORM.I can never forget him.

  26. Mukhtar

    November 4, 2016

    My cousin, Tboy (Tunde). Arguably nicest person on earth. Big Brother, Best friend, Mentor, Supporter, Adviser in chief and Partner in crime. Lol

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