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    Episode 8 : Fiction 20. The Twist

    This was not the plan. She paced all over her room, intermittently stopping mid-pace to glance from the wall clock to the phone in her hand, then resumed pacing. Why wasn’t she picking her…

    March 22, 2018
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    Episode 7 : Fiction20. SECRETS

    Jaja sat on the terrace in the beach apartment he was renting, sipping on the cold mai tai in front of him, enjoying the sea breeze. He could spot Anita on the beach,making her…

    March 15, 2018
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    Episode 1: #Fiction20

    There was a dead man laying on the rug, and Armani stared at him, unshaken , with a smug smile, feeling content and working out ways to make this look like what it wasn’t:…

    February 1, 2018

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