This is a women led and women only event and platform created by Omotolani Busari. It was created in 2018 as a gathering of young women who need a space to hold important conversations without fear of Judgement.  The events are held periodically in different locations and so far, it has been held three times in Ibadan, twice in Abuja, once in Lagos and two times virtually. Our Objectives:
  • We aim to break the culture of silence among women and to create a space for them to be vocal about their realities.
  • To present an avenue for women to learn about meaningful topics that span health, careers, relationships, parenting and more.
  • To build an avenue for women to meet one another, network, collaborate, and subsequently build their Social capital.
  • To create a space for women to wine, dine and have undiluted fun, away from the bustle of everyday life.
  • To serve as a support group for women who need a space to vent and be comforted.
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