Blog - January 4, 2022

Leaving 30. Entering 31.

Year 30 was when I rediscovered that I wasn’t created to be little.

I had always known that largeness of life is one thing that I have been bestowed with, and this has shown in all stages of my life with the way I stand out and can never be placed under. You’ll always see Omotolani shining and showing out, without so much effort.

Last year, it came to the fore again that I need to aknowlege and embrace my greatness more. I realized that I was going to be too much for some people, and that’s very Okay. What isn’t okay is wanting to shrink because certain persons believe that the light is too bright. No, I wont shrink, I was created to be big, huge, and those I’ll be.

I cried a lot last year, mostly when I’m alone, because some things didn’t work for me and I wasn’t fulfilled with that. I had certain goals I set for myself albeit unconsciously, and I found myself really drooling when they didn’t come through. Crying was my way of letting it out, so cry I did. Then I wiped those tears, and showed up again and again, because you see, that is the life I’ve been blessed with.

There were reasons for showing up. It didn’t just happen.

First is the beauty that my life is. Do you know how blessed I am? I have the ability to look at everything you might regard small, and to make them into big things, because every blessing is big to me. I’m able to dwell so much on the positives and amplify them; this in itself is a blessing.

As I was saying, my life is beautiful. I am doing okay in my career, I have a family who would do anything for me, my husband is a fine boy; amongst many other wonderful things he is. My daughter cracks me up, she is healthy and so intelligent. My mum never fails to come through; she is the elderly person I aspire to be. My dad is solid; he is a rock who has my back forever. My siblings? Oh those ones, such amazing humans connected to me by blood.

My in-laws do the most for me. They indulge me so much, and have taken me totally as their daughter; I’m spoilt! And then, my friends; the old ones and the new ones, always in my corner, always coming through genuinely. Omotolani with the many friends. I wear that badge proudly and without reluctance, because my friends are worthy, every single one of them.

Talking about friends, right from January last year, I got friendship shots. Yes, women who sent me messages that they’d love to be my friend and I was taken aback because these women aren’t basic in any way and it gave me some excitement that I was being admired by such great women. I accepted these shots and they bloomed, and bloomed, and I have no regrets at all! This heart of mine is big enough to accommodate many beautiful friendships and I won’t be holding back.

Last year, my brands grew. If you see me speak about MAGWO, you’d recognize the fire that burns, the passion, the love, every sweet thing. From a sitting of 25 women in the city of Ibadan, to eight events spread out in Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja and the virtual space, and then the community that was birthed which every one just wants to be a part of, I’d say MAGWO is doing amazing. People want to identify with this brand of mine; this isn’t little . See? I’m not little. If you aren’t a MAGWO woman, then you need to know one or have one in your life, it’s like the coolest thing right now and I can show workings to back that. MAGWO is staying, and it’d go global. Mark my words.

Family Tips. Just typing this is giving me such pleasure. Ah this is a meaningful brand, so meaningful that I sometimes sit back and ask myself: Wait, you did that? And I respond to myself that I really did. I have actually created a brand that is redirecting narratives and encouraging people to navigate towards an Institution that is so important? People are saying they are pumped to marry and have happiness filled homes because of the stories we share and because of our constant amplification of relationship positives? There is nothing near little about this, it isn’t even up for debate. Ah! It almost strangulates( Errm I was trying to avoid using ‘e choke’ but I’m sure you get the drill)

I did a lot of growing up last year, I accepted my flaws wholly and made serious decisions to work on them and face my insecurities. I’m charged to be more patient, more understanding, slow to anger and to readily accept my wrong when situations occur, because no one is infallible and the problem isn’t always the other person. I’m working everyday on being better, and the feedback I’ve been getting is enough to make me even want to do more.

I’m happy about where I am. And I am even more excited at the prospects the future brings. This year will be beautiful, for you and I , and I need you to start internalizing that now. How do you even take steps towards actualizing the greatness you’ve been called for if you don’t accept that the greatness is attainable? Fam, join me now in thinking highly of yourself, and you’d see a shift in your thinking. This is because one of the best things you can gift yourself in this life is confidence, I promise you, it will take you far.

This has been quite lengthy, and if you stayed with me till this point, I admire your patience; you deserve Ice cream.

It’s my birthday today, and I have Jpengs because I’m one to dress up and show out. Find them below for your viewing pleasure, and don’t forget to genuinely pray for me. Thank you for sticking by in 2021, May this year be good to us.

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  1. Busari+Titilayo+Tawa

    January 4, 2022

    I’m happy for you oko mi Ajike,my jewel of inestimable value.Our grammarian.Thanks for been that amazing daughter to us your parents,for been the family advocate, bringing everyone together even in times of disarray and disagreements,Ýou truely share doses of happiness. Proud you’re a loving wife to Waliylah…eenisurayin oEebarayin kake.A caring mom to Baby F and her unborn siblings. A true friend to everyone that comes around you.Ayo e akale.Warogo e yilo dale.Allah will grant all your beneficial desires. LOVE YOU

    • February 2, 2022

      Thanks mummy. I love you so much. Glad that I have you

  2. Olatoun

    January 4, 2022

    Happy birthday sweet darl🥰 May Allah continue to make you happy. Aameen .

  3. Hammycable

    January 4, 2022

    Happy birthday Mummy F. May genuine happiness be yours always and may all your heart desires be granted.

  4. Bookie

    January 4, 2022

    Happy Birthday, my happiness ambassador. I love you ❤️

  5. Leema

    January 4, 2022

    E choke!!! You are amazing and doing great amazing stuffs. It’s good to know you are embracing all your goodness. Welcome Tolanie YOU ARE A BIG DEAL. Happy birthday sis

  6. Toyin

    January 5, 2022

    Yeah, You did all of that!!! You are such a goal smasher, daughter, wife, mother, lover, friend. Your heart is so big and I’m thankful that I know you. Happy Birthday once again sis

  7. Ayi

    January 5, 2022

    You are doing great!!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌 May 2022 be beautiful for you. May the Almighty grant you all your heart desires ❤❤❤

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