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Introducing Meet and Greet with Omotolaniee

Hello dear family, it’s been a while. I have been busy mummying, wifing, and living life as it comes. It’s been a great experience and I understand that you are eager to read about my mummy chronicles. I am not at that place yet, when I am, trust me to bring all the gist to you uncapped. For now, let’s look forward to that moment okay?

I recently realized that I have not been updating my blog readers about the initiative I commenced last year which is tagged Meet and Greet with Omotolaniee. I have been more loud about it on my social media platforms so if you follow me either on Twitter or Instagram, I believe you’d know about it. Meet and Greet with Omotolaniee is an initiative I came up with to foster networking among adult women of all tribes and religions in my immediate environment which is Nigeria. This is not to say that foreigners aren’t welcome, we just have Nigeria as the focus for now. During the event, we get to eat, drink, talk about real life issues, make merry and network. The initiative seeks to empower women by providing a safe space to discuss topics which are usually not talked about or ignored in the society. It is a free event, i.e no one pays any attendance fee, you only need to show up and participate!. It isn’t an event that gives just one person or few people the floor to dish out advice and orders. Here, everyone has a say as the bulk of the conversations are interactive. The utmost goal is for it to be an event that goes to every state in Nigeria because it is all inclusive and everyone deserves to be a part of it as long as they are of the female gender.

So, we had the first one in Ibadan in August 2018. Considering the fact that it was an event we planned very quickly, it turned out really nice and everyone went home really pumped and bearing gifts. The gifts were made possible by the brands who supported with products. Awesome attendees, awesome brands, awesome planners, everything was totally awesome.

We discussed topics ranging from Mental health, physical health for women, Taking care of your body, managing your finances, leveraging social  media to run your business, putting your brand out there , managing in-laws in a marriage and more, We had so much to talk about and it was quite refreshing seeing people so free to have conversations that were otherwise regarded as sacred. Dress code was flowery dresses and Ibadan  people showed up!!! Enjoy pictures from the event.   As said earlier, the plan is that it reaches many locations so watch out for when it comes to your neighborhood . Also follow the hashtag #Meetandgreetwithomotolaiee to keep yourself abreast of happenings.   I’ll be back. OBA Read My Pregnancy and Birthing Story

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  1. Abdulhammed

    September 16, 2019

    Weldone 👏, may God give you more strength to accomplish more.

  2. November 10, 2020

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