Brand Review

Brand Review: Ishars Apparel (The Modest Fashion Brand)

February 20, 2018

It took a lot of thinking and rethinking through to finally arrive at this review mode .  It is known that a Brand review should include the highs and lows of how a product or service is and nothing should be kept unsaid. I mean. You are doing a brand review, you should be able to put into clear words what the potential client should expect so there is no issue of misinformation Why this needed thinking through for me…

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Episode 3, #Fiction20: The Awakening

February 15, 2018

No no no no no! I scream even though no words leave my mouth. With tears falling rapidly from my eyes, I rapidly back away from the bloodied mess beside me till I hit the wall with my back, my bottoms screaming with pain. No! I scream in my mind again refusing to believe what I’m seeing. No. It can’t be Jaleel. Audhubillahi Not my husband. Breathe in; breathe out. Who killed my husband?!! I attempt to raise my hands…

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Episode 2, #Fiction 20 : BLACKOUT

February 8, 2018

She opened her eyes, seeing the white light above her, hanging from the ceiling. To her right, was a kitchen knife tightly locked within her fist. To her left, Jaleel on the floor, drenched in his own blood, his eyes wide open and looking towards Armani. December 2015   The phone rang. “Hello Ahmed, peace be onto you”. “Good morning Jaleel, peace be onto you too”. “Can I see you today please.” Jaleel and Armani’s Doctor replied. “Okay, I’ll meet…

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Features and Collabs

9-5? You are Doing Amazing Too!

February 6, 2018

Lending my Voice The debate between being an entrepreneur vs being an employee is a constant theme.   The emergence of e-entrepreneurs and their considerable success has continued to re-echo this discourse. Our aim here is not to idolize being your own boss nor to overemphasize the importance of that monthly salary alerts. I just want to lend a voice to the topic, my own voice.   We all should aspire to be in charge of our destiny or to be…

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