Blog - September 20, 2019

Hang With Omotolaniee happened in Abuja, and we created memories

Hello dear readers, how is it going? Sometime in July, I was overwhelmed with so much going on, and I knew that I needed a break . How more to get this than having a gathering of positive minded women to eat, drink and share lots of laughter? I decided to have a Meet and Greet with Omotolaniee in Abuja but this time I tagged it Hang with Omotolaniee. With the help of the people we did it together, we were able to plan it in less than two weeks and the event was really beautiful with seventeen amazing women. It was a potluck, as is the usual practice so everybody came with a food item and dress code was Denim anything. We had conversations about life and how we are winging it individually while stressing the importance of networking. Acquaintances were made, gists were shared, and lots of food were munched I bring to you pictures from the event.   I’ll be back. OBA  

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