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Episode 9 : Fiction20. The Realization



She stretched out on the huge king sized bed as the welcoming sun rays from the window filled the room and woke her up. She smiled and sat up, inhaling the fresh morning scent of her new environment. She could not remember the last time she slept this good without any nightmares from her past or disoriented morning after thoughts. Her hands impulsively moved to her growing bump….Allah had been very merciful, her baby was still alive and kicking! After Udo whose real name she later found out to be Samuel Attah a police officer who had been working undercover as her guard man rushed her to a hospital where extreme measures were taken to save both her life and that of her unborn baby by the kind DR Amina and her team. They ran several tests on her ignoring all she explained from her previous visits to Dr Ahmed and discovered traces of GABAeric drugs in her system which was the major cause of her blackouts and previous miscarriages. Dr Amina said the bleeding was enhanced by the physical trauma she experienced following Jaleel’s death. She also called her lucky…. She found it impossible to believe that her beloved husband of three years was the cause of her agony,but then thinking deeply about it her blackouts started just around the time she met him. She also remembered the note she found; Jaleel, Targets acquired. Alhaji Abeeb and Hadjia Hassanat Danjuma Finish them off this night. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door. She got up from the bed and made her way to the door and without asking she opened it. As expected it was Udo………Samuel ‘’Good morning ma’’, he said appearing with a tray in his hands. Probably containing her breakfast and drugs. Since she left the hospital she’s been at this undisclosed location for days with her only contact being Samuel and Dr Amina. She was still in the dark about some certain things including her late husband, his mistress and that wretched note.   Drifting back to the present she closed the door and sat on one of the two chairs that occupied the room as he placed the tray on the table before her. She took a sip of the warm Lipton tea on the tray and nibbled on a slice of bread laced with butter. She wasn’t hungry, after effects of the drugs as explained by Dr Aisha but she had to think of her baby. Noting her lack of enthusiasm, Samuel glanced up worriedly at Armani. ‘’I know you have a lot of questions…’’ He was right. She had about a thousand questions but ten easily topped the list…….. Where was she? Why was he helping her? How long would she be here? Why did her husband drug her for so long? Why would he deceive her? Why did he kill her parents? Why did he kill her babies? Why had not been arrested for his murder? Did she really kill him? Who sent Udo to protect me? ‘’….and I will answer those when you have fully rested and are quite capable of hearing some hard truth but you need to eat first and freshen up. You have a long day ahead’’. And with that he stood up to leave. She stood up after him and followed him to the door. ‘’Thank you’’, Armani said genuinely grateful. With half a smile he nodded in reply and left the room and she quickly locked up behind him. Returning to her breakfast she reminisced on Dr Amina’s words, she called her lucky that day even though in all her years she had been far from the shores of luck. One more dosage of Ketamine and her baby would have been gone just like the others. Placing one hand on her growing bump, feeling her baby move, giving her a surge of hope she continued her meal…… *********


He hated waiting, for anything or anyone and she was late. He paced around the terrace of his rented beach apartment, the soothing breeze from the nearby ocean did nothing to calm his nerves or anger. He peered through the darkness willing for Anita’s steps to be quickened. She was supposed to be here thirty minutes ago, her cell was off and his boys had been on the lookout. Picking up the Black Label he took a long swig and tossed the bottle into the darkness, hearing it shatter into a million pieces, least concerned about what damage he could have caused. ‘’Damn this!’’, he picked up his phone and dialled her number again. Switched off His patience was running out. Turning at the sound of footsteps approaching. ‘’Boss man. She is here’’, Buntu his right hand man said appearing beside him. ‘’I don’t have time for this let her in!’’ He growled, dismissing the bulky ragged looking man who had seen him through a lot of battles in the underground and also led his operation in his stead since he was still in hiding from the world. ‘’WHAT THE HELL! ’’ He yelled ignoring her shocked look. ‘’I’m sorry Jaja-‘’ ‘’I didn’t wait all these while for apologies Anita. What’s this nonsense I hear about Armani being innocent? What happened to the crew we sent in? And WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!!??’’, he asked with so much fury laced in his words. ‘’Everything was working out fine. After the evacuation we arranged for her to be arrested but she was nowhere to be found. We scoured the grounds. We have people searching for her. We will find her’’, she said more or less assuring herself. Something did not feel right. He thought they could pin Jaleel’s death on Armani and she would be arrested, leaving him out of the picture but she deserved more than just rotting in prison…. His mood brightened as he formulated a new plan…. He was a Dan Fodio descendant after all and they never sent a woman to do a man’s job. It was time he came out of hiding. As his anger diffused, a new desire surged through him as he pulled Anita close and rammed his tongue into her mouth. She tasted like whiskey mixed with honey and lots of sex. It’s been so long since he had a woman and he needed to let out pent up frustration and semen. He released his hands from her hair, looking into her eyes he saw a mixture of fear, lust and desire. Taking that as her way of granting consent, not that he needed it anyways… ‘’Time to collect your payment’’, Jaja said leading her into the apartment.   ********** It was indeed a small world Who would have thought a young police officer assigned to Alhaji Abeeb after escaping the raid on this house would turn out to be Inspector General of the Nigerian Police. It was only a matter of time before he met up with Jamila. Jaja thought he was smart but she was smarter. She set up Anita to monitor Jaleel’s movement at work and set up Samuel to watch over things in the house and best of all she had Anita looking into Jaja’s affairs. Looking outside the window of the moving car taking her to the undisclosed location housing her sister. Even Anita was lost to this piece of information, she didn’t want anything going wrong at this point, especially since with Armani still pregnant. The reunion was a long time coming. Knowing how delicate her sister was she didn’t need her botching things up for her which was why she never contacted her before now. But the time was right. Taking revenge with her baby sister would be worth the wait and Jaja won’t even know what hit him…she thought with a sinister smile on her face.   Writer : Charity Okorie. Blog Previous Episodes : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8    

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