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Episode 7 : Fiction20. SECRETS

Jaja sat on the terrace in the beach apartment he was renting, sipping on the cold mai tai in front of him, enjoying the sea breeze. He could spot Anita on the beach,making her way towards the apartment. The best thing about the apartment was that you could see the whole island from here. He could tell when people came and when they went. And to the locals, he was just another dark skinned man with a nice accent and lots of money. That was all you needed these days and he was grateful for that. Anita was finally here, he watched her as she made her way up the stairs, her long legs sliding gracefully in front of the other. The thing he liked most about Anita was the fact that she knew her strong points and she wasn’t afraid to use them. He admired her, how could he not? When you are born into wretchedness and somehow find the means to claw yourself up and make it to the heights she’s at, you definitely have his respect. Plus she was a fine piece of ass. Too bad Jaleel couldn’t appreciate that. “Welcome Anita, have a seat” “Hello Jaja, I am sorry about your brother” “Nothing to be sorry about Anita, he was a weakling, weaklings die off and don’t deserve to bemourned. That is not why we are here. Give me an update” “Okay, as far as I know, everything was going well, she was about ready to lose the pregnancy, but as you already know, Jaleel was starting to shut me out so I can’t say I know much of anything. But when Jaleel did not show up for that meeting, I knew something was up, so I went over there. I didn’t know the bitch would actually kill him” Jaja took a sip of his drink before speaking “And what is this suicide cover up business?” “About that, well it’s a good thing I showed up when I did, she was trying to make it look like a suicide, she must have panicked because she did a sloppy job. The knife and the notes have her prints all over them. But not to worry, I sent a clean up crew to take care of that. Now I am fairly certain that it was the bitch but whatever the case might have been, we have people working to make sure she can’t escape. The media will make her out to be a deranged psycho killer. Someone will nab her soon.” “Hmmm, I see” Jaja said, “well if that’s the case, I better let you get to work then” “Okay….” she was hesitating “there is something a bit off about the whole thing. The security guard seems to have vanish too, It might be nothing but I think we need to do a background check on him. It is possible that he is helping her. If that is the case then it means if we find him then we will find her.” “Very well then, I will look into that and alert you once I get any information on him” Jaja said finishing his drink. “I’ll be seeing you Jaja” with that Anita got up to leave. But Jaja grabbed her arm forcing her back into a sitting position. He had been sitting across from her but he was now sliding close to her. Looking her dead in the eyes he said “When this is over, when she is finally dead. We must find new ways to reward ourselves don’t you think?” Anita smiled a coy smile and gently caressed Jaja’s beards “you owe me Jaja, in more ways than you know, and when this is over, I will collect payment in multiple ways” “Good” Jaja thought to himself “she is still in this, last thing I need is for her to go soft on me”


When he was told that the IG of Police personally asked for a meeting, he didn’t know what to expect but he knew it had to be big. He wasn’t surprised that it required him going undercover. He had managed many undercover gigs and not once had his cover been blown. It was safe to say, he was one of the best undercover agents in the force. But when the IG told him he would be going off books, he had not seen that coming. Going off book was a career killer in his field, It meant that if anything went wrong, you’d be treated as a rogue agent. This isn’t what he needed now, but when the IG came to your house in the middle of the night to ask for a favor, you really didn’t have much of a choice either. He wasn’t given much to work with but he wasn’t dumb, he knew that meant it was personal. “You will be employed as a security officer for a Mr Jaleel. You will go under the name of Udo and you will keep an eye on Armani, Jaleel’s wife. I need to know what she thinks, what she eats and who she talks to. Find ways to get close to her but you are not under any condition allowed to break protocol except her life is in danger. As time goes by, you will be updated on who she is and why you are doing this. But for now all you need to know is that this is a personal favor and I will reward you handsomely when the time is right. I owe her father a great debt and I was unable to save his life, I did not have the means then. But hopefully this way I can repay him” And so he became Udo the gatekeeper and as time went by and true to his word, the IG briefed him on their plan to nab the man they responsible for the death of her parents – her husband’s brother. When Udo had walked into the house and seen Jaleel dead on the floor, he knew something was up. In this business, your instincts were your best ally and you never went against them. There was something strange about the lady from the office showing up when she did so he did what his instincts dictated and pulled Armani out of the situation. He had immediately sent word to the IG to let him now what was happening and he had been given the directions to a safe house where they could stay till the situation died down. But plans changed. Halfway to the safe house, she started to cry and groan in pain. He looked over at her, she had a look of horror in her face, she was looking downward. He followed her gaze and his heart sunk. Her body was stained with blood. She seemed to be losing her pregnancy but that wasn’t all, there was too much blood. Something else was certainly wrong. Before he could say a word, she passed out. Picking up the burner he had used to keep in touch with the IG, he sent out a message. Letting him know that he would be taking Armani to the hospital instead.     Writer:  Ifunanya Dibiaezue . Visit Blog Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6

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