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Episode 17: #Fiction20


He tried to contain the shock in him but to no avail. “How did they get to Dangan?’ ‘Where was the loop hole in the plan” With Dangan gone he was left with Bantu. He sat, staring into the vacuum and for the first time, he sensed defeat .Memories of how  he had to hide for years hit him like a bolt of lightening. ‘Boss!’ ‘Boss!!’ H e snapped out of his journey on memory lane. ‘I know where to find them’  Bantu said with a wiry smile, handing over  the phone records to Jaja.  He went back on HIS THOUGHT SPREE:  ‘How come this is just coming in now?’ ‘ Was Bantu thinking this was a game where you bring in your toughest blow at the last minute’ There was no time to ask these questions. He had to get to the hotel as soon as possible.


‘Doctor! Doctor!!’ Udo ran into the hospital like a mad mad on adrenalin rush. ‘She is bleeding already,’ He said with palpable fear and worry ‘You have to come pick her from the car, please’ He managed to get a cab to bring her down to the hospital and she was already losing consciousness. The paramedics took her from the car into the ICU, with so much blood dropping from her. The hope of survival was really slim. Udo was already in tears.


The knock continued with the same silence each time Dogo asked who it was. Dangan was one faithful soldier, even with all the torture, he was not close to cracking any element of truth. Seduction was his only weakness afterall. Bantu was to continue knocking as a distraction while Jaja found his way to the back door. The door was jammed! He bent over and adjusted some spring, silently opened the door and just as he was about to walk in, a strong force pulled him back but his force was greater. It was Jamila. She pulled out her gun as he tried to wrap her in his arms. He saw her and tried diverting the shot away from himself. It went straight to Dangan’s head, as he was unable to swerve  because he was  tied to the chair. Dogo finally noticed the struggle and realized how stupid it was to leave Jamila to take out Jaja. What WAS HE THINKING? Jaja knew he was already out numbered, so he  took to flight at the first gun shot. He was left with the last option. He took out the digger and  went straight for Jamila’s chest and let her dead body slip. Two down, two to go! ‘Kia’  Dogo picked up the gun and sent three shots to Jaja’s abdomen before he could even take a second breath and the former fell to the floor with a thud. Surrounded with three dead bodies, Dogo could feel a plague of darkness grow around him. How would he explain all the sounds when the hotel security come knocking? Where would he run to?


‘A Caeseran  would be one risky step right now but it is the only option. There is only a fifty percent chance she comes out alive of the operation ‘ Doctor Amoh tried to explain to Udo as he presented the consent papers to him. Udo never expected such cross roads. He wanted Armani alive but as much as this,  he wanted the baby. What could he do? Time was running out!   Writer  : OgoOluwa Ajiboso . Blog Previous Episode

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