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Episode 16 : #Fiction20

Her phone rang again but this time, Anita’s life was fading away from her present world as her neck still hanged on Jaja’s wrist. A little moment later, Anita dropped to the floor as Jaja reached for Anita’s phone to pick the call. “Sorry to disappoint you but your secret agent took a ride to another world and won’t be returning any sooner”.  With no response from the caller, the call was dropped.  


Another call was placed as she waited for the receiver to pickup. “As-salamu alaykum” from the other side of the call. “Hi Dogo. Let’s save the peaceful gestures for another day. Anita is out. Activate PLAN B with immediate effect” Jamila said  to Dogo, one of her few contacts working alongside her plan to effect her revenge on Jaja’s family. As Jamila stepped into the living room to see Armani and Samuel, and with a soft smile towards Armani, Jamila walked closer to her, held her hand and spoke gently to them both – “I’ll be taking another short trip to the same hospital we took you out of. I have to meet someone there.” “Are you sure it’s safe to go back there?” Samuel asked. “Nowhere is safe anymore these days but life must go on as we all know it.” with a smile in her her face, she stepped out into her SUV and away the driver went. Back at the same hospital Armani was taken from, Dogo called Jamila. “I just spoke to our contact here. Dangan, during his investigations into Armani’s whereabout, left his contact details with one of the nurses he flirted with while gathering intel on Armani’s status.” “That was sloppy of him though but to our advantage. I just received your text. Let’s meet at Dangan’s hotel then.  


“Buntu!” Jaja yelled from his hotel room. “come cleanup this mess right away” referring to Anita’s dead body lying on his room floor. “Also, get in touch with Dangan” he continued just as Buntu entered his room – “tell him he has a new assignment, to get me the whereabout of Jamila. Find Jamila and you’ll find Armani”. Jaja was, however, not aware of Dangan’s sloppyness with a nurse at the hospital. Even though he always knew Dangan was a womaniser which complemented his investigative skills.  


Her vehicle stopped at the rear entrance of the hotel and Dogo was already there to meet her. “So you know what to do and you’ve gotten all you need for the disguise right?” Jamila asked for reaffirmation. “Yes I do and I have everything I need Ma. Will call you once I’m in”. Jamila remained inside her SUV during their short meeting as Dogo got out and went in through the hotel’s back door. With the help of a steward working within of course. KNOCK! KNOCK! “Who’s there?” a voice asked. “Room Service Sir” Dogo replied, standing at the room’s entrance. Slowly, the room’s door was opened as Dogo, dressed in a hotel attendant’s outfit, gave a subtle smile to Dangan while pushing his trolley of dishes into Dangan’s room. On turning back to take his leave, from Dogo’s hand went a shot into Dangan’s chest and after shaking for a few seconds, Dangan dropped right behind the door. Next Dogo picked his phone to call Jamila. “He’s been tranquilised. You can come in now” As Jamila entered the room, she saw Dangan already tied to a chair with Dogo pointing his gun at him. “You already know who I am Dangan, so I’ll spare us both the introduction” Jamila remarked to Dangan. “I, however, need some crucial details from you and your staying alive depends on you giving me what I need” Jamila continued. “WHERE IS JAJA?”  


Sitting at the dinning table and sipping on a chilled juice, she felt a strong and continuous movement in her belly. So strong that Armani had to stop all the sipping, thinking and anything else there and then. With her hands below her belly trying to keep it steady from the rumbling and all, she screamed out “UDO! I thinks it’s time. Please call the doctor”. Udo jumped up from his seat, flinging the newspaper he was reading and headed straight to Armani with his fingers already dialing his phone for help.  


KNOCK! KNOCK! Yes. Knowing that could only be Buntu. He came in carrying a box with him. “There’s a delivery for you Sir as received from the hotel attendant. It’s been scanned against any explosive content.” Buntu handed over the box to Jaja. With much curiosity of the box’s content, Jaja went straight to the dinning table, placed the box hastily down and opened it. Inside it was a human’s tongue and a picture of Dangan’s face, eyes shut and his tongueless mouth wide open, dripping of blood with a short message on the back of the photo. “I’ve sent Dangan on a one-way trip to meet Anita… Whereever she is. GUESS WHO’S NEXT”.   Writer  : Micheal Tadese : Blog Previous Episode

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