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Episode 14 : Fiction20



What the fuck?!!! How dare her! I stand up abruptly, upsetting my drink. I feel bad for a minutebut then I remember she took a sip from. I snap my fingers at Buntu and he knows immediately that this has turned from a cordial relationship to something more dangerous. Far more dangerous. He immediately leaves my side to go look for her and I kick my miserable looking glass a few steps more away from me. No fear. An ordinary woman. What she doesn’t know is she just made the biggest mistake of her life. I pat my body for my phone in a rush and when I find it, I call Buntu. “Have you seen her?” I ask even though I know the answer to the question already “No.” He said reluctantly and feeling less of a man. No apologies here. We all feel emasculated. Me, Jaja?! “Get back here!” I snap. “Did you see her face well?” I ask, afraid to admit I was staring at her boob 95% of the time. Goddamit! She outsmarted me. “No.” He says, looking embarrassingly away. I am not in a benevolent mood but I say, anyway. “I mean, she was wearing shades all the time.” To which he replied with a frantic nod. I realize I’ve not sat back down since she left and make to but then, I change my mind and stalk to my room. I’m going to kill her slowly.  


Ha-ha. I’ve seen headshots of him and I must admit, they don’t do him justice. He had been sitting there for a while looking all tensed up. I initially didn’t want to approach him but I don’t know… I just felt drawn. Not love. Naaa, except it is the one that stabs. Like Armani… But I digress. I wanted to see him up close. He was a deliciously looking person but he was also a waste. Just like a badly salted pepper. I won’t lie when I got close to him, I wanted to ravish him just for the fun of it. I was tempted then I would kill him after. I’m the perfect person to know that. Building my empire and growing so many connections was no beans! I had to sacrifice a lot. I did all that for family. Imagine what I would do if anyone threatened my family Some would suggest I should  hate Armani. Afterall, it may be for a little while but she had fully, everything I ever wanted but the feeling of having a family, a sister, surpasses all that hate for me. Besides, I’m better off now. The two things left on my list now is to put Armani somewhere safe and kill off Jaja. On then can I die and rest in peace. Armani already killed the younger brother. It’s my job to kill the elder and it will be slow and agonizing. Assuredly. Ha-ha! The look on that haggard tortoise face when he was looking for me still makes me pee myself. A little.  


I sit staring straight ahead, thinking what is the essence of me being in this world. Yes, i have a sister now and a baby coming on the way but it feels so hard tp think you are the queen one minute but the next minute, you find out you’re just a lowly pawn. I’m just a lowly pawn. I keep repeating in my head. My sister and I talked into the night till i slept off. When I woke up this morning, she was gone but Udo told me she would be back. Somehow, I don’t believe that. It seems when I get any form of happiness, God just allows it to be snatched away from me. A little voice in my mind says: If she comes back safe and sound, i promise not to show happiness or love to her. Please, let her come back. “Do you want any food?” Udo asks above me. “What?” I ask. I didn’t even notice when he entered. “Food?” He urges gently? “No. I’m okay.” i reply. “But you have to eat something. Please.” “I’m okay!” i can’t help but snap even though i know deep within me he doesn’t deserve it. Now, i feel bad. “You know what the doctor said about you baby” He tries to hide the hurt and disbelief on his face by smiling glaringly. I must look like a mad woman. “Okay. Just something small.” I concede. Just then, we hear a knock and we freeze.  


Is it by force self in this life? You want to kill this; you want to kill that. I’m really getting tired. Can’t this people just kill themselves off for once and leave me be? Me I just want to travel somewhere far off with a huge fortune and marry an oyinbo man so I can get pali. How hard is that? How did I even get myself tangled up in this royal mess??? Armani that you want to kill is dead already. You that want to kill Jaja, how hard is it to poison someone’s food? What are they waiting for? Haba. I don’t understand the stresss with prolonging vengeance. Me I kukuma know there won’t be any satisfaction however you execute it. Besides, I’m stressed out. I just wanna get paid not laid. Sigh. Well, me I will just sit here and be looking. I owe no one.   Writer: Bybarh, Blog     Previous Episode

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