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Episode 13: Fiction20. Strategy.


As she laid down in her king sized bed in her luxury suite she thought about what her sister told her. Jamila wanted to have revenge on Jaja. Honestly, apart from the fact that the maniac wanted her dead she couldn’t care less about him or any silly revenge. No amount of revenge would bring back her late parents or bring back her dead babies. If it were up to her she would forget all this and think of how to start again with her baby and Jamila. But, like her father’s daughter Jamila was stubborn as hell. It would be easier getting a camel to pass through a needle or looking for a white cat in a snowstorm than to get Jamila change her mind. Not that she was going to try anyway. Jamila told her she was safe at the mansion with Samuel-Udo but Armani wasn’t too sure about that. She wasn’t sure about anything anymore. She had realised that things were not as they appeared and the more she knew the more afraid she was for her unborn child.


If it had been anyone else who required her immediate attention she would have not endured the three hour drive away from her sister into town. But it was Anita and she sounded distressed. As the car came to a halt. She adjusted her scarf to disguise her face and opened the car. Walking through the back entrance of the hotel she went straight to room 401. Without thinking to knock she pushed open the door. Just as she feared it was open. ‘‘You should learn to be more careful’’, she said startling Anita. ‘‘I know, but I was expecting you. I didn’t think to’’ she said quickly locking the door behind her. Jamila began to think Anita was getting way deep with Jaja. She knew about their occasional sexual rendezvous and it seemed Anita was getting emotionally attached to him. Which was why she would never know Armani was alive. Jamila moved to the window and did a quick sweep of the surroundings. ‘‘what’s this about?’’ ‘‘Jaja knows you’re alive’’, she said anxiously Jamila rolled her eyes and made her way to one of the two Callie chairs that occupied the room. She expected Jaja to find out about her. That was always in the cards. But then there was Armani and her baby. Maybe it was time to move them out of Nigeria. ‘‘Is that all?’’, She asked raising a brow. ‘‘Yes. He seems to have his mind set on finding you and getting revenge’’ Jamila massaged her temple and formulated a plan. ‘’let me know his whereabouts this week. What he eats, who he talks to and what he says’’ and with that she stood up and made her way to the door.  


It had been three weeks and Dangan had not gotten any information on Jamila. It was as if she had vanished. There was no trace of her and he was getting frustrated with the whole search. Which was why he needed a break and opted for a weekend in Lagos. He needed a distraction. Anita was not enough to get rid of demons. He needed something new. So there he was sitting on a beach chair. Under a shade at the Beach, drinking freshly cut coconut mixed with rum, nibbling on suya and looking at the crowds going in and out of the water. For a tiny moment he felt normal. But then his demons were greater. He should be looking for a quick lay on his private beach house because come Monday he was back to Abuja and back to the real world. That was when he saw her. Dressed in a black one piece with a loose multi coloured sundress over her melanin skin. She stretched to help a vendor selling artefacts that were probably fake. Through her huge butterfly glasses he saw her pick a crafted lion in the wilderness. He took a sip of his rum coconut and summoned Buntu to send her over. Jaja had his faults but he was definitely blessed in the looks department. His frequent visits to the gym gave him a sought after body that often made women drool. He wasn’t worried about getting her attention. He had the money, the looks and the keys to power. He was a well accomplished man in the bed room and he had never had a woman complain before. Mot that he ever cared to ask but he knew his onions when it came to such matters. He moved his sunglasses to his head as he watched her approach. She looked better up close. Gleaming under the sun if possible. He motioned for her to sit down and dismissed Buntu. She still had her glasses on and a distinctive silver pendant around her neck which she circled with well acrylic polished nails. ‘‘Are you here for business or pleasure?’’, He asked. She laughed in a deep voice that sent shivers down his spine and made his penis twitch. Damn he had to have her! ‘‘Who comes to the beach for business?’’, she replied staring at him like she could see his soul. For a minute he thought she could peer into his dark soul. ‘‘You never know. I find you attractive. I’m not a man who wastes time. I want you in my bed tonight’’ ‘‘Be careful what you ask for’’ she said reaching for his drink and taking a sip. He smiled, exposing his white teeth. He liked women who were not afraid. She should be afraid.   Very afraid. ‘‘I know what I want and I set out to get it’’ ‘‘if you say so. I’ve seen enough and now I’m leaving’ ’she said moving up from her seat. Impulsively, he stood up after her and held her hand. She immediately released her hands as if she had been scorned by fire. ‘‘You’ve only been here for a minute. Stay a while, I’m capable of granting your every desire’ ’he said staring into her dammed sunglasses. Why were they even still on? ‘‘Don’t worry’’, she said smiling. ‘‘You still have plenty of me to see’’ And with that she placed a piece of paper in his palm. He was a bit disappointed. After all these she was still a typical Lagos babe. Probably her number or the amount she would want for a night. Not that he cared as long as she still ended up in his bed. ‘‘Open it only after I leave’’ ’she said walking away. He sat down and clutched the paper as he watched her disappear. ‘‘Find out who she is and where she stays’’. He said to buntu as he opened the note. You seek revenge? You have no idea what you’re up against. Jaja now you see me Or do you? Jamila   Writer : Charity Okorie. Visit Blog Previous Episode  

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