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Episode 12: Fiction 20. Closer

ARMANI The car finally came to a stop after the unending ride to nowhere…. Even with the new location she didn’t think she would still be safe. She had no idea who she was anymore. In just a couple of weeks her entire life had shattered into shards of broken memories and most times she felt she was in a movie, a very scary one with a plot full of twists. “Armani. We are here”, Udo-Samuel said shutting off the engine of the and car then coming out to help her out. The place he called here, their new safe haven was in the middle of nowhere. They were surrounded by bushes and trees and it was short of amazing how the mansion they were in was built in the first place. Armani stared at her surroundings for a good minute while he closed the gate. Just as he took a bag out of the car and appeared beside her she found her voice…. “Where are we? Where is this?” “Somewhere you will be safe for now”, he replied vaguely and she flinched from hearing the words for now…. He led her through a large Mahogany door, this was a house made with absolute care and luxury. By a very crazy person, she thought. After all who in their right senses builds such an amazing place in the middle of nowhere? Her thoughts were echoed again as she took in the large living area. With luxury décor fit to be on the cover of any style magazine. She was used to luxury. Her parents were rich and so was her husband but this was some next level stuff. Defiantly better than the previous place, she mused. Not that she had any choice. She sat on a maroon colored leather couch trying to make herself comfortable in the massive sitting room built for comfort and fit for the Emir of Kano or any prominent leader. Udo-Samuel bent down meeting Armani’s eye level. She could not see anyone else in sight but for some reason she doubted if they could be alone in the large edifice but then again what did she know? “I know these past few months have been crazy for you and that’s even an understatement because you don’t deserve it”, he said as a matter of fact. As he spoke, he looked at her intently and Armani couldn’t ignore the concern in his voice that scared her to the marrows. Instead of showing her fear, she put up a brave face and raised her chin. “Whatever you want to say, I prefer you say it Udo and be honest. Don’t beat around the bush” As he began speaking it felt as if doors had opened up. And a veil removed from her eyes. He told her about her parents, Alhaji Habeeb and Hadija Hassanat, how he was no saint and how they were brutally murdered because of his evil past deeds. He also spoke about someone that somehow without even knowing sent shivers down her spine. Jaja. Her husband’s brother. Allaha! Someone she didn’t even know of till now had made it his life’s mission to have her dead! As she processed the information she felt a whirlwind of emotions. She had a sister. She impulsively touched her growing stomach,feeling her baby move. There was still hope.                         ***** JAMILA As soon as she heard their car stop she let out her breath, not even aware she was holding it in the first place. Despite how strong she appeared she was slightly nervous on how Armani would accept her and her plans. As she made her way down stairs she heard Samuel tell Armani about himself and about their beloved papa… Iya ransa huta lafiya, she thought giving them a few minutes before she walked in seeing her sister in tears. Ignoring Samuel’s greeting she knelt beside Armani and hugged her. Tears streaming down her face ’Yar’uwata “I am not alone”, Armani said sobbing more. Jamila stood up and sat beside her on the sofa cradling her baby sister as she allowed the tears to flow freely. Her sister was alive Alive but frail, her body felt so fragile, she needed to be taken care of especially now with her baby on its way. She dried her tears with some tissue Samuel provided and then moved to cleaning her sister’s tears. “You will never be alone. Not anymore. You need to eat then rest, it’s been a long drive”, she said just as Samuel came in and placed a tray in front of them. She opened the plate to expose hot Tuwo Shinkafa and Miyan Kuka her sister’s favorite. Armani beamed and set out to wash her hands. “I am here to protect you now ’Yar’uwata”   ***** JAJA It was a moonless night, not that he cared or needed the light for anything darkness always suited him better. He expected Dangan any moment from now. “So?” he asked immediately Buntu walked in with Dangan his friend. Well that was a lie. Jaja had no friends. People were only a means to an end and for years Dangan had proved to be reliable and a damn good investigator. They had met during one of his stints in jail but he was hardly what you would call a criminal. He just found himself at the wrong place at the wrong time, with a police raid Dangan found himself a prisoner. Then he met Jaja who had enough connections to set him free. Since then he was always at his beck and call especially when Jaja needed help with private investigations. Dangan sat down beside him. Taking a moment to himself to think before taking a shot of the whisky on the table beside Jaja. “Whoever did the job did it well. She was stabbed severally. The crime scene looks gruesome”, he began As Jaja listened he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of Armani spending her last minutes in pain,her blood spluttering the wall. He would find the killer and give him a round of applause for the kill and then get rid of him for taking away the pleasure of doing that himself. “New updates. I got in contact with the mortuary attendant who claims to have a juicy peace of information. One you would like” On hearing that Jaja smiled for the first time since hearing about Armani’s death. Then he dropped a bombshell that changed everything and made him roar out loud. “She had a sister” Things were turning good after all. He thought. “Jamila jamila. Get ready to meet your worst nightmare”   Writer : Charity Okorie. Blog Previous Episode  

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