Blog - October 13, 2021

Deets from the second time MAGWO happened in Abuja

Hello beloved supporters of this blog.  Thank you for sticking close, and for understanding my presence and absence on this street. A lot has happened, and you know I’ll always update you about them. November is almost here so we’d be playing catch up during the November Happiness Challenge. This year has been so eventful for me, and I’m excited to share with you that we had a Meet and Greet with Omotolaniee event in February.  2020 really restricted many occurences due to COVID, and we had only one event which was compliant of the situation. So, 2021 came with the determination that many events had to happen and we decided to start early in February with Abuja. I reached out to my big sister, Bisayo Busari of Project One Nigeria, that I needed her office space for the event and she immeidately agreed to it.  Next was sorting vendors and that we did via personal/husband funds and the help of the many amazing people I have been blessed with. The event date came and it was so colourful and nice. We had Karaoke, conversations, games, spoken word poetry by TheMansu, we saw a movie and discussed it, we danced, had lots to eat and drink , and we also made merry.  Many women connected with one another and sparked off new friendships and collaborations. It was so beautiful, so so beautiful. BBA who allowed us the use of her space also gave a very deep speech about overcoming the hurdles on the oath to success and evryone went home with one point or the other from that. Oh and we took pictures, and you know I’ll always bring them to you. Happy viewing. Told you it was lit right? I aint ever lied.

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