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When there was nothing, You provided something You laughed, because Laughter was on our faces, You laughed, even when we cried, but we saw the tears welled in your eyes The fat you gathered only came as a result of bearing us The unpleasantness you endured, was for us to be eternally joyous You got downcast, whenever we were not up and running We come first to you, always and always What shall we do to pay this? What? The world says : You got everything from her (except the Fair skin, Like that of a queen that you are) The smile, The gait, The kind heart, The intelligence I say : Yes I got it,  but what about the virtue? I need the virtue : the patience and enduring spirit I need a lot, to be more like you, I need more beauty, outwards and inwards, to be another you. Live long, Stay guided, Be healthy, Laugh without caution, Hold our babies soon , very soon. Stay Happy mama, stay happy .C360_2015-09-18-15-02-07-764IMG-20151116-072513IMG-20151022-WA005 Hi everyone. Today is my mum’s birthday and the above was done specially for her. How is your day going? I hope you have resolved to make this week a happy one? Don’t worry guys, Remember what I always tell you : It will be beautiful! Today,
  • Reflect
  • Tell us ten positive things about you
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I’ll be back. BOS!

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  1. November 16, 2015

    maa sha Allah!
    hmmn, ten positive things about me.. lol
    1. i smile with ease
    2. my smile is warm
    3. hope is to me like breathe
    4. i believe; always
    5. a new day makes me happy
    6. i cry more to my Lord
    7. prayer prayer prayer. that makes me positive
    8. a butterfly could make my day
    9. i am almost always ready for a good laugh
    10. islam has made me positive all my life. so my deen!

    havent been following all your noiv. posts but sis, all paws up for you. Well Done!

  2. z

    November 16, 2015

    Beautiful poem, happy birthday to an elegant woman,a caring mother and a loving wife.
    1. I love music and singing
    2. I love playing football
    3. I love black ladies
    4. I love helping the poor and needy
    5. I’m a believer in character rather than religion, most of my close friends are Moslems and I’m Christian
    6. I hardly pray but when I do I do vigorously
    7. I love to make people smile
    8. I hate people who don’t tell you things as they are
    9. I dislike people who judge based on hearsay
    10. Iove food

  3. November 16, 2015

    Iya motolani, Iya motayo, Iya alalubarika, adura yin agba, Olohun adabo bo gbo gbo ohun idunnu yin, owo ibaje o ni kan, agbega lenu ise, ninu ebi, ninu imoni,… Happy Birthday Ma.

  4. November 18, 2015

    Happy birthday to that beautiful woman once again. God bless her always, for us.

    10 positive things?! Well……

    1. I’m always overly bothered anytime I’m missing a solat.
    2. I hardly get tired, just on rare occasions.
    3. I forgive easily, I mean, very easily.
    4. I’m lighthearted; almost always ‘worriless’. Even if there’s something I’m supposed to be all bothered about, I don’t allow it weigh me down, except it’s Bae sha, I don’t like having the slightest grudge with her.
    5. If I’m determined to get something done, OmoTolani, in sha Allah, I always get it done, except something heavy, something I never saw coming, gets in the way.
    6. I love my work, and it makes me always want to do it. :-D.
    7. I cook well enough, at least, fairly enough, so, I hardly get starved whenever I have all the resources I need. :-D.
    8. I hardly except much from y’all, so, I hardly get disappointed.
    9. Ori oo fa epo mo. Don’t know what else to write.
    10. Those 8 are enough, think I’ve tried.

    I’m out! 😉

    • November 18, 2015

      Those are some awesome positives! I want to be like you o

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