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Day 8 : The November Happiness Challenge

Today, Sekinah  Sanni, a blogger friend of mine, will be taking us on a journey on reasons Happiness can make you sail through life. She writes awesome stuff here and can be contacted for further coaching, because she sure does that well. She writes: Generally, people fall and are unable to recover from hard times. There are times when it feels like the leaves are turning brown. Other times, it feels like there are thorns on a rocky road and the sun will stop shining. Our feelings then become unexplainable. We carry heavy burdens in our hearts that no one could feel. Overtime, it starts to tell on our day to day activities so much that things we do in minutes extend to hours. Thus,  results into less productive. It is normal and expected to get sad and disappointed when things are not falling in place as we planned. Especially at a time in the year when things are hard and we are worried about how to make it to the end. The pressure gets so much that we lose focus and most times overshadow ourselves with unproductive thoughts so much that we forget our inner selves. We begin to cast doubt on our abilities and become less motivated. When you stay happy in such worrying moments, you would get through the hard times much easier and you would be contented to a great extent. As said by Andrews Matthews, ‘’The happiest people don’t bother about whether life is unfair. They just concentrate on what they have’’. Happiness is not always about what you don’t have, it is also dependent on what you have. When you take time to think and reflect on what you have, you would be calmer and find solace in the bulk of blessings you have in stock. You would start to see beauty in the winkles on your face; you would see abundance in your little dispositions and landmark achievements in your little accomplishments. Having a fleet of cars or lots of buildings does not always guarantee happiness. A life of self-contentment and appreciation gives it better. More than the joy that comes with being happy in whatever situation you find yourself, a source of comfort comes with it. At times when you feel you cannot achieve your set goals; that you cannot be productive anymore because the time is far spent, being happy would always be the best you could do for yourself. It would create a kind of peace that would suffice you in every moment of your life. More than the contentment that being happy affords you, the following are top reasons why being happy can sail you through the voyage of hard times that life can bring.    
  Being happy can be compared to having a glittering white cloth without a dot of stain. Your mind would be absolutely clean and there would be room for positive thoughts. It gives you space for calmness and thinking would be more productive. Ideas that normally doesn’t cross your mind would easily find its way to you in such moment. This could in turn help you start something new and beneficial. It could bring ideas that will be the pedestal you seek to achieving greater heights.  
  Happy people are natural achievers. When you do things with a happy mind, you tend to get more appreciable results. Happiness is like a key which activates a special kind of passion and energy in you. When you enjoy what you do, you would see less the negative sides that comes with executing such work. So, happiness as a means of getting more productive is a great way for you to sail through difficult moments. As you become more productive from being happy, you would be able to brace yourself up from the shadows of uncertainty that the hard times impinges on you.  
  There’s no doubt to say our health is greatly dependent on how happy and comfortable we are. As said earlier, the happiest people are not the ones with the most money, things, friends, power, attention or even love. None of these things can guarantee you happiness as it would for those who practice gratitude and focus on loving life consistently. Those who remain happy in any situations they find themselves along with having goals and making progress towards them. When you are free of worries and stay contented in any situation, you would appreciate in health. Less hassling would make you feel calmer and this would let you maintain a good health. With a good health in stock, you would be more available to accomplish your set targets and can help you acheive more during hard times.  
  Nothing compares to having happy people around you. So is you being the happy person that people can lean on. When you are happy, you tend to motivate affect people around you positively. Likewise, they as well would be motivated to keep a lively mood. Happiness spreads like fire and can birth a group with beeming with ideas. Your thoughts would rhyme more easily when you are both happy. It offers an atmosphere for balanced ideas interchange and useful results can be generated. Be happy today and you would see how contagious it could be to people around you.
Happiness is art that makes you glow internally. It makes you appreciate, stay confident and believe in yourself. When you are happy with your life and achievements, you would see more than the things you haven’t accomplished. You would  appreciate and applaud the little things you have done. By so doing, you would keep building your inner strength and self-belief. The moment you believe in your self, it would be much more easier for you to stand up from the discouragement and hardship. You would be more confident to take on challenges and keep soaring. IN SUMMARY The mentioned points are part of the top reasons why you should always find the strength to be happy with yourself no matter what you are faced with. It might look like the road is becoming farther or that the sun would not shine bright from your side. Similarly, it might be as if you are not going to get out of your predicament and that you would always fail. When this moments arrive, being happy should be top of your reactive mechanism. As such, it would in many ways help you get through the tough times. The debts may look unpayable, good grades might look hard to achieve and the business might show no sign of profits. Never give in to the beckoning calls of sorrow as it would only add salt to your wounds. Always endeavor to maintain a happy mood and try to reach out to people who would keep you happy. So onto you; what are you happy about today? And how has it contributed to your productivity today?   Love to her is when she can radiate it to everyone; and still, have more than enough to share. Look at her sharing happiness through these pictures   Today, She is telling us to think of one thing that has made us happy and how it has affected our productivity.Let us know via the comment section. I’ll be back. BOS

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  1. Abdulhammed

    November 8, 2017

    When you think of people’s comment of what you are doing, it affects your performance on tasks, Being myself always, has helped me to do things effectively.

    • November 8, 2017

      Yes.People really need to understand that above anything else, you have to stay true to yourself.

  2. F

    November 8, 2017

    Today has been a really shitty day, so I can’t think of anything that has made me happy yet. Let’s hope it changes for the better before the end of the day in sha Allah

  3. Ameerat

    November 8, 2017

    Helping other people always makes me smile and I get to do this everyday at work, thus it has improved my productivity.

  4. Rahmart

    November 8, 2017

    Contentment! If I wasn’t contented with my current lifestyle ,what happened in my place of work today would have destabilized me for the remaining days of the week.

    • November 9, 2017

      Aww sorry sis. We all have those crazy work moments. ALhamdulilah still

  5. Zeenat

    November 8, 2017

    I love having kids around me, it makes me extremely happy and hence improves my mood and aids productivity

    • November 9, 2017

      Awwwn are you subtly saying we should be expecting little Zeenats soon ? lol. I really love kids too

  6. November 8, 2017

    Seks seks!! Motivational speaker aye!!!!! Just write a book already. I’m sure I will be among the first set of people that will buy it. Your words have a way of hitting me at the right place.

    Talking about what made me happy today🤔🤔🤔 haa! I ate white soup today at work😋😋 I enjoyed the meal it made me happy went back to the office smiling😊

  7. Monsurah

    November 8, 2017

    I got the pictures of our final year photo shoot and I’ve been grinning all day. It signals the beginning of an end and boy, am I grateful!. Alhamdulillah always.

  8. Vivian

    November 9, 2017

    Nice writeups…..talking about what made me happy. Am replying late cos i almost died this day 8th November. Down with severe headache and after dropping from brt at berger i slumped with my corper uniform…only for me to find myself at home crying and rolling over on the floor in pains. My friend staying with me was confused and joined me in crying and then God sent a helper….my uncle that travelled to US came in surprisingnly and rushed me to hospital so happy i survived…if not it could hv been anothet story all together……

    • November 9, 2017

      Aww omg. So sorry my love. We thank God for his mercies o.

  9. November 10, 2017

    Seksan always hitting us right where it counts. I think its pretty obvious that happiness that goes around lights up our lives. About what made me happy, I’ve never eaten any perfectly cooked meal or nice snack here in jigawa but today, I unlocked a new place and tried out their shawarma oh lord. Let’s just say I’ve been swallowing my spit over and over again.

  10. November 11, 2017

    Wowwwwwww. Why am I just seeing this ???
    Oh My… Thanks a lot Tolani for giving me the opportunity to share my own dose of happiness.
    And to everyone that commented; thanks a lot. 🙈💃💖💖💖

  11. Shay

    November 15, 2017

    I know I’m late but better late than never yh? What made me happy today, bae got good news! Alhamdulillah

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