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Day 6 : The November Happiness Challenge

Odunayo is my friend, all year round.  I had to use her name as the intro because really, she is that amazing. She was a part of the Challenge last year and she delivered a really pretty skirt to one of our readers. She has been a huge part of my Pallazo business and I can’t ever forget the part she played. This year, she is giving out this shoe:   She is the CEO of House of Moh, a brand that is into Fashion items: Shoes, bags, RTW , pure virgin human hair and more. They can be contacted via 08054588756 and Instagram @houseofmoh.   Today, we will be reading from Saeedah Imam, my fine friend (I call her white witch, lol).  She blogs here She writes: A Smile Per Day By Sa’eedah Imam
,Hi my name is Sa’eedah Imam. I am the 9th child of Sheikh Ahmad Onilewura; the deputy Chief Imam of The National Mosque, Abuja. Did anybody smell polygamy somewhere there?  With a good pair of the nostrils you should be engrossed already by the fragrance of polygamy emitting from the 9th child. Yes my father is a polygamist, that has made me a spectator of ugly discords between my parents since the age of 5. What emotion do you think backs that up? A sad one ofcourse!  The event of watching my parents argue bitterly till the last day they were together as husband and wife sometime in 1996 did not do me too good for a huge crunch of my life. Let me spare you the details there and move to another sad event in my life. Growing up without motherly guide was another sad course I had to live through. Much thanks to being in the boarding house and learning to grow on my own and here I am. How saddening do you think late admission into the university can be? I remember Zhul (Omotolani) was almost done in Unilorin before i stopped writing Jamb exams. How pathetic? Fast forward to extra year days in the Uni when I got the saddest call of my life that my elder sister passed. I roared in gnashing pain from within. Now lets stop on the sad events and embrace the reason why we are here. ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆          ☆        ☆ Once again my name is Sa’eedah Imam the happiest most free spirited light skin, witty girl you can ever come across. Emphasis on the light skin because we are expected to be saucy bitches by default. You should meet me in person to know the real defination of good vibez. I began my 100% happiness journey in May this year. (Not that I havent been happy ever since but I mean genuine happiness). I took on the journey following another sad event, then I realised that I had tied my happiness to certain expectations and persons in my life. Through prayers and the thirst to be happier, I broke loose from those ties and derived uttermost joy in myself. ▪ First I looked in the mirror and indulged in my beauty. I accepted how beautiful I am (not in an arrogant manner trust me) especially when I smile…I took clue in smiling and till now you would find me smiling back at you 50 times in one hour. ▪ To boost the smile I began to dress intentionally. Much thanks to where I am serving as a youth corper (Soundcity company) you cant afford to look shaby cos you dont know which celeb would drop by. I improved on my makeup too. ▪ I am a social media savvy person, my handle is saeedah30th. You sure must have come across me somehow. I took another immeasurable pleasure in posting constantly on instagram thus serving doses of contents. You wan try my caption! Whoever is angry should take his hurts to Zuckerberg. ▪ I upgraded my humour level from 500 to 1000 and still upgrading. Before you make fun of me I am already rolling on the floor. I have sincerely managed from May till now not to get cranky over anything. I long trashed that shity thing called mood swing. ▪ I welcome every complement without suspecting mockery. ▪ I don’t know how insanely I made it to throw away the particular reasons that make me happy. I just rejoice for no reason. There’s a saying that “one shouldnt have a reason to be happy so that people wont take it away from you.” ▪ I thank God for fitting me at a place of work I have always dreamt to be. Work pressure came at a point though – I won over by taking heed to every bossy correction. ▪One moment when I ever wanna sink into melancholy I work it with my teeth to produce a smile. ▪ I stopped expecting anything from people when I don’t even have a particular person that makes me happy than me. ▪ I use a comparative picture of the worst version of my situation and the best version. OMG the best version is too great I cant contain it! If that means daydreaming, yes I do that alot and work towards it happening. Just imagine my blog being the most read in the world? Signing book autographs and all….(let me not cast myself)
▪ Hardly can you find me in any of those serious mood unless I am hungry. ▪ I have become a party beast too. I derive tasteful fun even when they dont serve me second round of rice. 30th December is gonna be lit! ▪I update my music library steady because it gears my insanity. ▪Finally I make sure to take a picture of me smiling per day and share it with anyone who personally comes to mind. But one bearded boy has constantly being the recipient now *cover face* I hope by mere reading this someone is smiling at my nonsense. No vex I no go fit change unless you want make I sad. Again I hope and pray anyone reading this will figure out how to derive unadulterated happiness too. Oya lemme share some of my smiling photos with you make you see say I no lie.
Saeedah is telling us to always smile! She went further by listing a lot of other things she derives  happiness from and implores us to try some too. I’ll be back. BOS

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  1. November 6, 2017

    Wawu!!!! I love this lady, oh yes I was smiling all through. I see alot of LEEMA IN Sa’eedah. Please can we be friends? No matter what life throw at us we stay wining, smiling and slayying. Their Dad😂😂😂😂😂. Can I just see you right now and give you a hug? Love you girl.
    oops!!! Day 6 already? I’ve been away for too long🙁🙁 lemme go and check up on past post.

  2. Aramide

    November 6, 2017

    She is indeed very beautiful ma shaa Allah. Already on my way to stalk her twitter.

  3. November 6, 2017

    Sa’eedah!!!she has a beautiful smile and her smile is contagious…i pray God make us all genuinely happy!!

  4. abiola obanimomo

    November 6, 2017

    I can’t wait to embrace my own unconditional happiness too.her smile is indeed contagious

  5. Cakes

    November 6, 2017

    You’re beautiful and your smile made me smile.
    Keep being happy.
    Your spirit ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. F

    November 6, 2017

    Can I just say that I looooove how vain she is? Lmaoooo. May Allah make us all happy, genuinely.

  7. Edith

    November 6, 2017

    With the few times I have spent with saedah I can confirm to y’ll that She is amazing, u should get to meeet her, Just that wen you guys do u won’t want to leave her and there for making me not see her often has am supposed to.

  8. Desola

    November 6, 2017

    Awwwwwwwww😚😚😚😍😍Sa’eedah, I love you already you have soooo much happiness radiating through you even via the post.
    Keep being deliberate, I love it when ladies live life deliberately. It makes us stronger and we also positively affect people around us. XoXo

  9. Shay

    November 7, 2017

    She sure has a beautiful, contagious smile. May Allah continue to give her reasons to smile.

  10. Enigma

    November 7, 2017

    Scientifically, it takes more muscles to Fran than to smile,so why the excess muscles when you can make use of jst a few…..I’m smiling here too.Saeedah,Jah bless!

  11. waliyulah

    November 7, 2017

    Saeeda has brought a light dimension to the November Challenge. Quite a number of relatable things from her post, from the sad to the happy. We must know constant happiness is a deliberate act, I try to make a conscious effort to maintain that invaluable trait.

  12. Rahmart

    November 7, 2017

    May we all have genuine reasons to be happy. I gained something this write up I’ll have to start working on…. Kill them with smile ☺

  13. Vivian

    November 7, 2017

    What a lovely smile dear……and trust me it always pay to be happy…though life can be ups and down but happiness surely rules…polygamy? I can understand that word.

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