Blog - November 5, 2020

Day 5: The November Happiness Challenge 2020

“Be steadfast in prayer and regular in charity. Whatever good you send forth for your souls before you, you shall find it with Allah. For Allah sees well all that you do” (Q2:110) “Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon” (Isaiah 58:10) “Those who in charity spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve” (Q2:274) “ Give generously to them and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the LORD your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to.” (Deuteronomy 15:10) The above are Quranic and biblical verses that reiterate the importance of Charity. It is very important to know, that you do not have to be extremely wealthy to consider giving charity. Whatever you give out of the little you have, will help the other person and will bring you more blessings, just make sure to purify your intentions about the action. I once helped someone out with some money she needed to complete a purchase. She needed to do it urgently and I saw her post about it, I wasn’t so buoyant myself but it was an amount I could afford so I went on to ask for her details and I sent it. I had totally forgotten this singular act until she reached out to me to say she would love to do something for me regarding my brand. I tried to reject the offer but she insisted and she went ahead to execute the service. Need I tell you that the service was multiple times the worth of what I had earlier done for her? I extended a hand of charity to her without expecting any reward except putting a smile on her face, and I got many hands in return . It is one of my best and widely told stories. It taught me a lot about life and the importance of being readily willing to help. The best kind of charity is that which you do without even expecting that the recipient would give you anything in return. That one you do because you genuinely want to make someone happy and grant them ease. And if not monetary, you need to understand that kindness is a form of charity in itself, smiling to the next person could make their day, Showing genuine concern towards the wellbeing of someone you see could be the light in their lives for that day, and so on. Today, we are going to give some of our money or food or water in charity. The gateman at your house or shop would appreciate 500 Naira, the lady who sells pure water to you would be happy if you tell her to keep a change of 200 Naira. The man who asks for alms at your junction would be blessed to have a contribution from you. Your maid could do with some extra today, the workers around you would love some food/water. If you can’t step out? There are lots of fund raising appeals online presently, for just causes. Please donate any amount you have to it, and very importantly, make your intentions pure. I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Olajumoke

    November 5, 2020

    Mehn, time is really flying! I can’t believe it’s day 5 already. I missed days 3 & 4 and I have some catching up to do ASAP.

    Today’s topic is one I take very seriously and I always encourage everyone to do the same. Many of us draw back because we think we don’t have sufficient resources for ourselves, let alone for others, but this isn’t true. If you do not share your little with people, it’ll be more difficult to share when you have surplus.

    Another wrongful thinking is considering resources as being only monetary. There are several other things we can share with people as an act of charity: time, energy, words of encouragement, prayers, help, company, etc, in addition to the above-mentioned.

    Do good, and good will come to you.

    Thank you, OBA❤

    • November 5, 2020

      You captured everything perfectly. Thanks my babe and yes, you embody charity in every way😍

  2. Akeemat

    November 5, 2020

    Facts only. We don’t actually have to wait till we have so much money before we give. You could develop the habit right now.

  3. Toyin

    November 6, 2020

    Like they say, givers never lack. Purify your intentions. Sometimes you might not get it back from the very person you helped but help will surely find you.

  4. Bookie

    November 7, 2020

    This is a good one and a great reminder/challenge. Thank you so much, Tolani.

  5. Kawthar

    November 8, 2020

    Kindness is beautiful, like Riri always says. It always makes me feel good when I’m able to give something to someone or help in my own little way, no matter how small and boy, I always see the blessings that come from a small act of kindness. Thanks for the beautiful reminder ❤️

  6. Umm fadhmah

    November 8, 2020

    The reward of good is good. So no matter the situations we found ourselves , we should be kind, caring and giving.

  7. Ameenah Alabi

    November 8, 2020

    An act of Charity….the fact that you are going to put a smile on someone’s face, ease their burden, be there for them when they need it. Makes me happy and I pray Allah bless us to do more

  8. Fatou

    November 10, 2020

    Givers never lack, thank you for this.

  9. Mariam

    November 10, 2020

    This is an important topic. There will hardly be a needy if everyone gives, both parties feel great afterwards.
    Thanks Omotolaniee

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