Blog - November 8, 2019

Day 8 : The November Happiness Challenge 2019

Happiness I believe is very subjective, no one can tell you how to be happy or things that could possibly make you happy.
Happiness is something that comes from within and I personally believe it is a choice. You have to decide you want to be happy and choose it.
Now don’t get me wrong, one can’t always be happy because I know we all have our off days where things have not gone to plan.. you really wanted that job but sadly they turned down your resumé, your sibling ate the food you had plans on eating when you got back home from a long day, you’re low on cash and your rent is due, you want that new car but you can’t afford it yet and so on.. these are things we sometimes have no control over and we often beat ourselves up and let it get to us. Although some are short term worries, some are also long term worries, which could lead us down roads we never thought we would find ourselves. Depression doesn’t know your skin colour, social class, age or gender. You’ve gotta intentionally choose happiness.
For me, there’s a lot of things I believe makes me happy, but I’m gonna try to make this as short as possible and in no particular order.
Have you ever heard someone laugh so hard and genuine, regardless of what joke was said?I can’t explain it sha but I like to laugh a lot, I like to see people laugh as well. You find that if you make people laugh/happy, most often that not, you are happy too. Like why do some people go to comedy shows and just sit there like a piece of furniture lol… Nigeria is hard we know but hey, laugh a little.
I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEE Africa Magic Yoruba 🤣🤣 even though everyone close to me is says I’m crazy for this 😄, but then it makes me laugh and helps me release stress. Imagine walking in and the first face you see is Odunlade’s on TV, you know you are in for a show, hilarious guy. I can legit have the tv on and I am just listening. Yh I hope you guys get the point sha.
I like to dress up, hang out and dance. I always find something to do every weekend. Thats why I enjoy good parties. A glass or two of red wine does the trick (don’t drink and drive o).
I hear exercising brings happiness too. I run and workout from time to time sha, I enjoy it… apart from my big stomach  . But yeah, it makes me happy. I play football every now and then to catch up with the man them, I get to run, I fall, score goals, get dribbled, laugh and celebrate goals.
Most importantly PRAY. I’m not exactly “strong” at my faith, but I find that everytime I pray about something that’s heavy on my heart, it somewhat gets lifted. It helps me stay unhappy a lot less as well and then imagine when God answers the prayers omooo 🕺🏾🕺🏾🕺🏾.
To end this, remember, “Happy people don’t have everything, they make the best of everything”. Stay happy my guy.
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Comments (3)

  1. Abdulhammed

    November 8, 2019

    “Happy people don’t have everything, they make the best of everything” I think I will hold on to this. That 3rd picture, is that Brazil?

  2. Rahmart

    November 8, 2019

    “Happy people don’t have everything, they make the best of everything”.Thank you

  3. Toyeen

    November 8, 2019

    Exercise hell yeah…A long walk in the evening makes me happy. I get to release some kind of pent up energy and I feel so much better after.

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