Blog - November 30, 2021

Day 30: The November Happiness Challenge 2021

Today, I want to talk about Love.

It can’t come as a surprise to you that I’m choosing this topic to end the challenge, if you know me well enough or even superficially. I speak Love, live it and preach it everyday. I just can’t leave this space without talking about it because what kind of love enthusiast would I be then?

I have reiterated it as many times I can, that we aren’t meant to live life alone. We need someone; all of us do. And that someone had better come correct, because we’d be doing all of life’s activities together with them.

Many people have told me how better their life has been since they found love in its most genuine form, and how more productive and at peace they are. Yes, there are the not so good stories, but I promise you that the good stories abound, and by God’s grace , yours will be among the good ones.

I’m just using this opportunity to encourage all of us about love, and to tell us to discard every thought of sourness in love that we’ve heard about or experienced in the past. The one you are about to get will be worth it, and it will trump any unpleasant memory you must have built.

Is beautiful and genuine love fancy everytime? No, it isn’t. As it is with everything in life, there will be down moments, because even the job you are extremely passionate about will have moments when you might want to question things, but the genuine nature will make it all worth it, and the upsides will have way more occurrences than the downsides.

I pray that for those who have already found love, it stays beautiful and fulfilling . I hope that those who seek it get it in its purest form, and I pray that it continues to lead all of us in our endeavors. Love really does make everything better.

30 days ago, we started the happiness journey for this year, and today, it comes to an end. Thank you everyone, for staying with me and for the encouragements. Thanks for not getting tired and for making it a date with me every single day till the last day of November. I don’t take this for granted at all and I pray that God spares our lives so that we congregate again next year.

Today, we toast to a good life, beautiful love, and genuine happiness. Cheers! Love you like a fat kid loves cake and I mean it.

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And yes, I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Eniola

    December 1, 2021

    This is it for me, “ I pray that for those who have already found love, it stays beautiful and fulfilling.” Amin.
    Thank you for giving us amazing write ups to look forward to in the last 30 days. May Gods’ peace remain with you and your love never go sour too darling.
    Will be here next year.

  2. Stylebydamie

    December 1, 2021

    Amen to those prayers
    Thank you for the lovely write ups in the past 30 days.
    Love you darling

    • December 2, 2021

      You are welcome love, thanks for the kindness and for sticking close ❤️

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