Blog - November 28, 2017

Day 28: The November Happiness Challenge

Some people come into our lives, and no matter how short their stay is, they leave indelible marks.Some do wonderful things then leave due to different reasons. Some keep doing things to make us happy. Many times, some even go out of their way to make sure they put a smile on our face and so on. All these categories of people deserve our appreciation every time. I met Olatoun in 2013. I had known of her before then, on social media but we weren’t friends. This year was when I was running my Masters program at the university of Ibadan and I was really keen on going back to MAdrasah (Arabic school). I started looking around for a suitable one and I also put it up on my social media. Coincidentally, she was searching for an Arabic school too and someone copied us on each other’s tweets. We then exchanged numbers and she mentioned that she had heard of one so we should go check it out. We then met and visited the Madrasah together to make enquiries, after which we decided we would resume the following weekend. From the first day, you would think we had known each other since forever. We bonded very fast and that was the beginning of a very beautiful relationship. I have some adjectives to describe her and they are:
  • Caring
  • Kind
  • Patient
  • Forgiving
  • Beautiful
  • Magnanimous
  • Helpful
  • Resilient
  • Intelligent
  • Appreciative
  • God-fearing
  • Amazing
  • Awesome
  • Wonderful
  • Gorgeous
  • Religious
  • Faithful
  • Loyal
I can go on and on but I believe you all have an idea of how much she means to me already. She is always ready to help and she has my back every time. She is that person who has accepted me just the way I am and has striven continuously to be the best friend ever. When I have problems and I need someone to talk to , you bet it’s her. Her non judgemental and always ready to help nature has endeared me to her very much and In sha Allah, we will still share the best moments together. When she left Nigeria in 2013, I was very sad, as expected but Alhamdulilah we have kept in touch and she comes home every year. I was supposed to go visit her this year but couldn’t due to some circumstances beyond my control. I really am thankful for this wonderful lady Allah has blessed me with and I will never take the gift of her friendship for granted. Olatoun, this is a thank you note to you, to tell you I love you very much for Allah’s sake and I cherish everything that you are and that you do. Thank you for listening to my fears and allaying them, thank you for always ready to listen to my rants, thank you for always making me feel better than I think I am, thanks for helping me to be a better Muslim, thank you for praying with me and encouraging me all the way. Thank you for sending me money all the time and for the very huge amount you just sent for my wedding ( I know you won’t want this but sister, I have to let everyone know how kind you are to me). Thanks for everything, Olatoun. May we enjoy the best in life together and congregate in Jannah In sha Allah. Hold on there baby girl, we are just getting started. Thank you and Thank you again.   Today, I want us to reach out to that wonderful friend that is always there for us. Tell them a lot of thank yous and what they mean to you. Also, tell us in the comment section who this friend is and the reasons you feel that way about them. Tell us that wonderful thing or things they have done for you. Share with us. You may tag it, AppreciateYourFriendDay. Lol I’ll be back. BOS

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  1. Toyeen

    November 28, 2017

    Awesome friend!
    Good friends are one of the numerous blessings of Allah walahi.

  2. Abdulhammed

    November 28, 2017

    I know Olatoun but not that close, maybe I would have enjoyed all these amazing attitudes.
    My mum happen to be my best friend, she’s always there for me anytime I need her. Whenever am scared of something, once I tell her, it all goes away.
    As old as I am, she treats me when I come back from field with injury. She supports me financially even when am supposed to be giving her, many things she has done time can’t permit me to write. May she live long in good health to reap the fruit of her labour.

  3. Zeenat

    November 28, 2017

    Beautiful friendship Ma Shaa Allah
    I don’t exactly have a friend like Olatoun but I have numerous ones who I can go to in times of need
    Alhamdulilah ❤️

  4. F

    November 28, 2017

    I have too many friends like her in my life, walahi. Off I go to tell them how much I appreciate them

  5. November 28, 2017

    Awwww. Friendship goal right here😍😍😍. I have some amazing friends like Her. They have really help me at one point or the other in my life. I can’t even thank them enough.

  6. Roophi

    November 28, 2017

    A friend who motivates one to learn better and never be stagnant is one helps best friend is an amazing young lady who would stop at nothing to make you happy,sometimes to the detriment of herself and I wonder how a tiny creature like her have so much energy to go round and not mind .my 100 level I wasn’t used to praying my 5 daily salah,and a Roomate who obviously didn’t know how to do dawah or rather no effect told her.she made sure she became a watchdog and since then.I never regretted her existence in my life.
    To friends who stay true amidst all tribulation.Cheers!!!!

  7. Ameerat

    November 28, 2017

    I have so many amazing friends in my life who have at one point or another helped me get through my dark moments and were also there to celebrate my success. I love you all. May Allah reward you accordingly.

  8. Aramide

    November 29, 2017

    These qualities describe some of my friends too and I thank Allah for them

  9. Shay

    November 29, 2017

    Friends that make life less stressful, Alhamdulillah

  10. Rahmart

    November 29, 2017

    Friendship goals! I have amazing friends who are always ready to help, fight my battles with me and support me. May God continue to strengthen your friendship

  11. Vivian

    November 29, 2017

    Good friends are rare to find….but with all this qualities of hers….she trully deserves an applause… i have some amazing frnds too and am sure gonna reach out to them…thanks Tolani

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