Blog - November 27, 2021

Day 27:The November Happiness Challenge 2021

After we found Malikah, life continued as it used to be.

Oh! Not so much as it used to be, because she had then become recalcitrant in a way. She didn’t go to her litter regularly to do her stuff, she’d rather go to a corner of the house and poo or wee. This was extremely annoying because it meant that W had to always look for where she had done stuff to pack it, and the smell, oh my, the smell cannot be described. It was so terrible.

If you had come to our house at that time, you wouldn’t have missed it, because immediately you step into the living room, the smell would welcome you. We even tried to put two different liters at different parts of the house but we didn’t see changes. It seemed like she had found out there were other ways to do her business without using a litter, within the few days she was away.

Things went on like that and we kept washing and cleaning and packing like no man’s business. Actually, it wasn’t ‘We’. It was W doing most of these because remember I was pregnant? Great excuse as per pregnant people shouldn’t stress. Regardless of if the situation was caused by them in the first place 😃

I began to feel bad about how messy Malikah had made the whole house and how W had to bear the brunt of the work. Considering that he was against us having a cat in the first place but I stubbornly insisted. He never complained though, he just took it in good stride and kept feeding and caring for her. He was so thorough with his care, you should have seen him bathing her with sponge and soap, then he’d brush her after , it was beautiful to see.

There were still the good sides, how she would snuggle up to us at any opportunity, how she’d wait at the door for us to return, how she’d keep me company whenever I was home alone, how she would come on the mat to stay by us when we were praying, and so on.

We however noticed that she had started sneaking out regularly. We didn’t understand how she did that because we were sure we always locked the doors. We had our guesses as regards maybe she found a hole to go through or it was still through the door when we weren’t looking or if we lost guard. She would go out in the morning somehow and come to wait outside the door around the time we returned. This happened more than once and it was becoming obvious that she already had friends or a lover in the neighbourhood

If became important to neuter her, because that her behavior was already showing that she might be seeing her lover and we won’t watch her carry pre marital pregnancy , as per her guardians and all that. I reached out to a Vet doctor regarding this and we were told to wait for a bit to confirm if she was already pregnant before going ahead with it .

I’ll write the concluding part tomorrow. It’s already getting too long.

Today, I want use to reminisce on a very good moment of our lives . I’m currently remembering the day I checked my WAEC results and how happy I was because it was the most important hurdle to cross at that time. Remembering it is bringing a smile to my face. Think of that very good moment you had recently or a while ago, and think it to sleep. You deserve to smile, darling.

Hey. See me

I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Eniola

    November 27, 2021

    Oh Malika 🥰 I dey wait.
    Hmmm, jamb results, waiting for admission list etc etc. We thank God for God now.

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