Blog - November 26, 2020

Day 26: The November Happiness Challenge 2020

I planned an event in Lagos last December, I took Meet and Greet with Omotolaniee to the center of excellence for the first time. I told my friend, Nikky, to be one of the speakers and that she should speak about living one’s best life. That topic was chosen because it is a realistic interpretation of how she lives her life everyday and everywhere. I met Nikky during NYSC in Ondo state. We barely knew each other in Camp, but when we were posted to Akure to our respective places of primary assignment, we got talking and that began a friendship that has been on for a little over eight years. We stayed far away from each other, but we found a way to see ourselves every other week, and to keep in touch virtually. When I think about my service year, I have to think about her. This is because most of the beautiful experiences and adventures I had were with her. I have always been a sucker for positively minded people, people who ooze great vibes and are always happiness inclined. This is why Nikky and I set off on a good start and we still are doing great today. She is an embodiment of the coolest vibes, no jokes! She is so kind and with a big heart. She is generous to a fault and this is shown in her relationships with people. I remember when we were both in Akure, we’d go to the market to get items and she’d always offer to pay regardless of my disagreement with it. She would randomly suggest that we go to our Amala joint and that the bill was on her. There are too many examples, and I really mean it when I say she is a magnanimous one. When I moved to Lagos in 2015, I was living on the island while she was on the mainland. She opened her home to me to visit and stay over at anytime I wanted, and she never made me feel uncomfortable whenever I was there. She would even buzz me on some weekends to ask if I wasn’t coming over and to tell me she missed me. I know that not everyone takes people into their space like this, so I’m indeed still awed by this side of her. Talking about living one’s best life, you need to visit her Instagram page where she blogs on lifestyle, while inspiring people to indeed LIVE THEIR BEST LIVES! I bet you’d love it.
I love that she lives life as it comes and she rarely ever complains. She looks on the bright side and she is a big encourager, she is that person who would let you know she cares about you without holding back emotions, and that is the kind of energy I keep in my corner. I’ll be keeping Nikky for a long time, my beautiful super smart woman. Thank you for being my friend, and I want you to know that I’m proud of all that you are and all that you do. May God continue to be merciful on you. Today, we won’t eat anything that has sugar. This takes an actual level of consciousness and intentionality, and that is what might make it hard. But once you tell yourself that it is good for you to avoid sugar intake, it becomes easy. Don’t take sugar throughout today and who knows? It might be your cue to know that you can survive without sugar or that you don’t really need sugar like that. Lol. I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Bookie

    November 26, 2020

    Awww. Nikky is such a vibe ooo. I love that she’s not tighting the world to her chest! I should emulate some of her ways.
    Errrmmm, today’s challenge. Me I was drinking malt when I started reading the post oo. 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ I’ll do my no sugar challenge tomorrow. 😁

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