Blog - November 24, 2022

Day 24: The November Happiness Challenge 2022


I’m currently lacking hours of sleep, and I must confess that it is affecting my productivity and general wellbeing. As I type, I have a banging headache and I wouldn’t put it past the sleep that I didn’t really get in the past few days. I have had so many things I needed to get sorted and due to my current schedule, I can only do them at night when my daughter has gone to sleep. This means I get to have only five hours or less of sleep and I’m up again the next morning to pray, after which the day has started. I am excitedly looking forward to this weekend when I can get all my lost hours back. I have been grumpy, irritable and easily tired. Of course, stress is also a factor but I know that getting adequate sleep will go a long way. I made the introductory paragraph to let you know how important sleep is. Not sleeping enough, or deliberately staying up to watch movies/ other things of leisure should not be a Flex.  Sleep is considered a very vital part of healthy living and it cannot be replaced by anything else. What I’m saying in essence is, abeg dey try sleep. If you have situations that aren’t making you get adequate sleep, please find a way around it or speak to a professional on how to manage it. For instance, I know that when I am travelling the next day, there will be little to no sleep for me the night prior and this is due to agitation and anxiety, so I try very much to sleep days before the travel is happening. It helps me. While some struggle to sleep, some are so blessed with the gift of sleeping. Examples are my dad and my husband. They only have to get on the bed and make their heads touch the pillow, they have entered dreamland, Whereas some people like me would have to read or think up scenarios to be able to drift to sleep. In fact, I like to tease my husband that if there were loud speakers surrounding the bedroom, he still wouldn’t be bothered and he’d go ahead to get his beauty sleep. For me, if I’m sleeping and a pin drops around me, I’m up and active. I don’t even know if this is a good or bad thing because sometimes I really want to sleep without any sound being a disturbance. For some, sleep can be embarassing to them. I remember a gist I heard about someone who regularly sleeps on the bus while returning from work and would sometimes go past their bus stop. This person sleeps at home, so it isn’t even a question of being over stressed or lacking sleep. They just can’t resist sleeping once small breeze blows on them. They also sometimes sleep so deeply that they begin to snore and then rest on the shoulder of the person next to them . The person, a stranger then taps them to wake them up and tell them to stop resting on them. Do you understand what I mean by embarassment? Loool. Please, try to sleep from time to time. I know that many situations could affect this but as said earlier, I hope you are able to find a way to manage it. Our body is such that if we don’t cater to it enough  by allowing it things like sleep, it would revolt and this isn’t a good thing. Sleeping often and without disturbance truly makes us feel better and happier, and I’d totally recommend. What is your relationship with sleep? Over sleeper? Under sleeper? Or just the right dose? Do you find it hard to sleep or you are just like my dad who never has to struggle for it? Let’s talk. I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Rukayat

    November 25, 2022

    To be sincere I have a very good relationship with sleep. I don’t have to stress myself before I can sleep.
    Just give me a bed and I close my eyes I don reach paradise 😂. You are like my mum that doesn’t sleep. She takes drugs sometimes before she could sleep.

  2. Rukayat

    November 25, 2022

    I love your outfit plus you are beautiful 😍

  3. Kheffytee

    November 25, 2022

    I am a very light sleeper, in my sleep I tend to know when my husband hovers around my head or keeps starring at me in order to wake me up. However, for my husband and dad, it’s only if their body doesn’t touch a bed, once it does its sleepland straight away.

    Even on days, I have no engagement for the next day, I still wake up quite early. But I get adequate sleep to keep me going.

  4. Badmus

    November 26, 2022

    This one is for me. I struggle really hard with sleep. I have never had more than three(3) straight hours of sleep without sedatives before. On long flights, I always try to bring sedative along. I get very jealous when I see people sleep off during flight effortlessly, like seriously? 🙈

  5. Temitope

    November 26, 2022

    I actually look forward to sleeping from time to time, I like sleeping right dose because I get unhappy when I oversleep especially when I have things to do

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