Blog - November 23, 2021

Day 23: The November Happiness Challenge 2021

Someone recently asked me and I quote: “How come you’re always positive and upbeat about everything?”

Sincerely, I didn’t know what to respond with, because I have never really sat to think about it myself. It just happens and I have been that way for as long as I can remember. So I couldn’t immediately state a particular reason for my consistent positive vibes and energy.

After a pause, I told her what the truth was. That I just find a way to find joy in the little things. I’m very intentional about not waiting for anything that others consider huge before being happy. Every little thing counts for me, and that extends to how I appreciate my friends and loved ones too. You can do something for me today which you think isn’t a big deal but trust me, Omotolani will be thanking you and remembering for a long time.

Someone once saw me rejoicing at another person’s good news and she tried to jokingly dismiss it by saying I was being dramatic. I didn’t get mad about it, I just said if me showing excitement at someone’s win is drama to her, then yes, I’m a drama queen! I’m that person who rejoices even more than the receiver of an award for instance. I insert myself in joyful moments, and I like to make people feel good for every exploit even when they thing it isn’t so worthy.

I am happy about what other people might consider random. I stretch little occurrences and find joy in them.

I’m excited when I take a walk and do numbers in Kilometres because it is better than the previous day. Watching weddings make me giddy. I love when my daughter smiles and hugs me. My fancy is tickled when my mum tells me she gave herself a treat and is currently eating peppered snails. I do a dance of joy when I try a recipe from Yotube or a friend and it turns out nice. And more.

Today, I felt like eating something and because most times, W just tells me ‘anything’ when I ask him what he’d like to eat, it is easy for me to be the sole decider of what we get to eat in the house. I cooked that thing I felt like eating and I was really excited about it. And then W came home with sharwama, which doubled my excitement because have you tasted this particular one? It bangs baje.

You get what I’m saying? You can derive joy in the little things too. It doesn’t in any way say that we don’t all struggle or we’d never have down times, but allow yourself to breathe and smile genuinely when things happen. Don’t dismiss them by saying they aren’t a big deal or that you aren’t worthy of them. Darling, you are deserving of good things, embrace them.

Today, we’d be listing five random things that we experienced recently that we think are joy worthy, according to the aforementioned points. We will think through what happened in recent times that we should have celebrated more, and we’d revel in them. I’m sure you won’t have to think hard because look around you, they are everywhere; capable of giving you so much joy. 

Hey! See fine girl

I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Eniola

    November 24, 2021

    “Darling, you’re deserving of good things, embrace them” this stuck out for me.
    Thank you.
    I’ll do a list of things that have been making me happy/excited in recent times and constantly:
    – how excited I get after every sale from my new business.
    – how something as simple as an enquiry about the availability of an item makes me happy. Even if it doesn’t end with a purchase
    – my kids countless kisses all over my face
    – how genuinely sad they get when they think I’m unhappy. I mean, these little humans do genuinely care
    – how I have no doubt in my heart that my husband still has a crush on me 🤩

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