Blog - November 23, 2020

Day 23: The November Happiness Challenge 2020

Halima and I chat simultaneously on Twitter and WhatsApp, sometimes on Instagram too, about entirely different topics, without one affecting the other. Yes, that’s the vibe we have. The beautiful thing about our conversations is how we switch from one topic to the other without losing focus. We would talk about life, relationships, health, twitter happenings and more, and even when our opinions don’t align, we will argue it out and end it with some jokes or a laugh. Someone once reached out to me to thank Halima on their behalf for coming through for them when they needed help, and for not ever talking about it. I wasn’t surprised because I know that is who she is, and her generosity and always being willing to help are traits that I absolutely adore about her. When I had baby F, she came to the hospital immediately she heard, and came with very tasty pepper soup for me. This gesture is one that she tries to wave off as little, but I consider it a very meaningful and thoughtful action, and I would forever remember and appreciate it. I recently also needed to get something to my folks as soon as possible, and while I was speaking to her about how we could order from someone and send a delivery person to the house, she voluntarily told me that she’d make the thing herself, and that if she doesn’t find a dispatch person, she’d go to deliver it herself too. All these, she did, without as little as complaining or making it seem like a burden. Tell me why I won’t cherish this beautiful human!
If you live in Ibadan or environs, and you need yummy cakes for your celebrations or just to eat, CaramelLimaCakes, owned by Halima is your plug. I’m speaking from experience, because I have eaten her cakes many times, I have ordered them as gifts for friends, and I have referred many people to her, all of these people hadgreat testimonials to give afterwards. Contact her today, don’t say I didn’t do anything for you. Dear Halima, I pray that you are happy, and genuinely so. I pray that God grants your beneficial desires, and that He makes you content with them. I wish you every beautiful thing you wish yourself and this is to let you know that I admire all that you are, greatly. Don’t ever stop! Today, we are going to brush our teeth twice. If you have brushed it already this morning, endeavor to brush again at night before you sleep. If you haven’t brushed yet, make sure you brush this morning and also at night. Some people do it already, I know. So if you do it already, this is just to ensure you do it today and always. If you haven’t been doing it, it’s a great day to start! I’ll be watching you. Lol. I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. November 23, 2020

    Dear Halima, I pray that you are happy, and genuinely so because you are a beautiful soul and you deserve many great things.

  2. Caramel

    November 23, 2020

    Awwwwww! This is so heartwarming! One would wonder how Omotolani has all these amazing people in her corner, but it’s because she attracts her kind. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
    May Allah continue to bless you in every way, you deserve. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Bookie

    November 23, 2020

    Awwww. Halima is so selfless. May God bless her.
    Challenge accepted. I’ve not been so serious with my night brushing.

  4. Toyin

    November 23, 2020

    Halima is fine sha, always killing it with her outfits🥰

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