Blog - November 22, 2017

Day 22: The November Happiness Challenge

We are reading from  Tosin, a  Doctor cum Blogger today and she will be giving us her own strategy in making herself happy. She co runs a blog with her sister and you can catch up on their very interesting musings here .
She writes:
So I had a Patient come in one evening and. She was dealing with anxiety and she was telling me how she had a major stressor that triggered a panic attack. A lot of People tend to think panic attacks are not real and tag patients as being over dramatic which is quite sad.
She said talking to me improved her mood and how it’ll be really nice if she had someone to talk to when she’s stressed. Something so little yet so huge.
It made me realize the fact that I take a lot of things for granted like having supportive family, partner and friends.
Anyway, She finally agreed to see a therapist and I was happy she accepted that she needed to see one.
I live a boring life. My life is basically work and books. I tend to find Hapiness in the little things like getting to work in less than one hour because no traffic or getting to work and realizing that patients have been discharged over the weekend.
One thing I make sure I do daily is to remind myself of reasons to be grateful.
So while you’re having a shitty day or  a boring day. Think about the good things and good people in your life and find a reason to be happy!
Again, Tosin has reiterated the need to always look around and think of the good things and people in your life as this is worth being happy about. So, who is that person who makes you constantly happy? What is that thing or situation that when you think about it, you just start grinning because happiness stems from it? Think of these steady and watch happiness be your regular companion.
I’ll be back. BOS

Comments (7)

  1. Abdulhammed

    November 22, 2017

    Hmmm someone that makes me happy just by seeing her smile, unfortunately I can’t have her. But I also find happiness in helping people complete their task, playing or watching football etc people’s smiles makes me happy too

  2. Zeenat

    November 22, 2017

    Talking to someone always always helps when one is feeling down
    My family and hubby are my source of joy and happiness

  3. F

    November 22, 2017

    Two of my very old friends. Sometimes, talking to them can take my mood from 0-100

  4. Monsurah

    November 22, 2017

    Lol if you ask me this question a million times, I’ll always choose food. Food always improve my mood. Like change it from 0-100.

  5. Ameerat

    November 22, 2017

    Family and work makes me happy. Reading Quran lightens my mood.

  6. Rahmart

    November 23, 2017

    Presently My mom makes me happy

  7. Shay

    November 23, 2017

    Hmmm my fiancé, sister and my 2 best friends can make me go from 0 to 100 in seconds…and of course, the bae after bae; food!!!

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