Blog - November 21, 2022

Day 21 : The November Happiness Challenge 2022

Getting Dressed/Looking Good

You are probably thinking I don come again. Well, yes , I am here and will be here till the 30th of this month, writing to you on the many ways to attain happiness while practising intentional living. Today, we’d be talking about the importance of dressing up and looking good. We aren’t strangers to the saying that Looking good is good business, or the one that states we should dress the way we’d like to be addressed. I totally vibe with these statements because I know how much of ourselves could be communicated through our appearance. Some men believe that only women should be attentive to the way they look while some women believe they do not have to put in effort since they are already beautiful. These two categories of people need some reorientation because looking good shouldn’t be limited to particular people and being blessed with beauty shouldn’t be a reason you’d relent in finding ways to brighten and enhance your appearance. Like I stated when I spoke about Cleanliness, dressing up doesn’t have to be a bank breaking endeavor. You do not have to wear the designers and high end luxury because you want to have a good appearance. If you can afford them, please get them by all means, but if you can’t, there is no need to lose sleep over this. Whatever you can afford is okay and the way you wear them might make you look even better than the people who wear them. Charisma and neatness are very key in contributing to your overall appearance and I’d implore you to work on these. I do not joke with my appearance. If you know me, you’d agree with this.  I am one to dress fancy and look good to any event you invite me to. I mean, I have gotten to a stage where I don’t wait for special occassions to get all dresseed up. You could meet me at the grocery store with a pretty dress and you’d be tempted to ask where I am headed. My dear, this is where I am headed o; yes, this grocery store gangan. Haha. I’m not saying you should start wearing Agbada to the market however, the stains of the pepper and meat you are buying would teach you to not try that nect time. My point is that you really should put an effort into looking good. It is very important as you don’t want anyone to side look you because you are always looking funny. Also note that you can decide your own style which doesn’t even have to be conventioanl, as long as you look good, neat and presentable while at it. Another hack I’d give you is that you should try as much as possible to not be caught underdressed for any event. I mean being adequately kitted for particular occassions is the best, but you won’t feel so bad if you were overdressed as you would being underdressed. Strut in those heels, rock your Kaftan, get into that suit, the world is yours to conquer! The feeling of fulfilment we get when we look good cannot be overemphasized. There are times when you’d dress so well that you’d be so ready to meet the president of any nation. It’s always so cute, you know. I need to chip in that it might be impossible to look this way every single day especially with how Adulting comes at us. Even Omotolani who dresses a lot sometimes looks drab while heading out because water could be more than Garri at that time. But I try very much to not make these days the common days. Again, it takes being very intentional. Pair up your outfits, clear your wardrobe and declutter from time to time so you aren’t stuck with outfits you rarely ever wear. Be very deliberate when you are picking outfits for yourself because loving those outfits would make it easy to continually wear them and wear them well. And please, do not hesitate to repeat and repeat outfits, don’t listen to Instagram standards, you aren’t a thief. What is your relationship with Dressing up? How often do you put in efforts to get dressed fancy? Do you have a style? Let’s gist.  I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Busari Titilayo Tawa

    November 21, 2022

    The way you dress is the way you’ll be addressed
    .Even as a uniform person, I make my uniforms from best of the best tailors.For outings….ahhh.Always on point nio.Alhamdulillah.Proper dressing go with confidence and self esteem. You won’t feel inferior amidst whoever.

  2. Rukayat

    November 22, 2022

    I make effort to always look good anywhere I found myself. Even my work place didn’t permit to wear fancy clothes, because I work on farm and major operations is on the field.

    My co workers know despite working in that kind of environment I make sure I rock the outfit well and I don’t play with my scent game they know me for that.

    Yoruba will say iri ni si ni se ni lojo 😂😂. I am a farmer doesn’t mean I should look tattered.
    Thanks always for always sis😍

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