Blog - November 20, 2019

Day 20 : The November Happiness Challenge 2019

What make me happy/excited? A number of things make me happy/excited, Islam, family, hanging out with friends and playing video games. I will start from Islam, Islam makes me really happy because it helps me fulfill my primary purpose on earth which is to worship my lord. Allah says in the Quran that He created mankind and Jinn with the sole purpose of worshiping him. Any deviation from this primary assignment (worshiping Allah) will bring nothing but misery and anxiety regardless of whatever it is you think you own. Worshiping Allah is not restricted to just solat and fasting, it includes how you interact with people, your utterances, your behavior e.t.c . Being able to worship my lord through these avenues puts my mind at ease and brings me happiness. It makes me excited that people in my area feel I am trustworthy enough to be given something and I’ll bring the money later, that’s Islam. I am happy that all my friends (regardless of their religion) know that I am a Muslim and respect that there are things I will not engage in like drinking/smoking. I am happy that they know I need to pray at specified periods and I even have permanent prayer spots in some of their houses. Family, having my family around excites me. Witnessing them excel in their business, relationships and careers makes me happy. I get a little sad when my family members have to take trips away from home, I feel like a part of me/the house is missing. I get really excited when they get back home. An example is when my sister was away in Dubai for seven days and I couldn’t wait to have her back at home. She has plans to go to Ghana in November and I am already sad in advance. Hanging out with friends, I get excited when I hangout with my friends especially people I went to school with  either primary, secondary school or university. It’s always nice to see them well and doing good in their chosen careers/businesses. During hangouts, we share jokes, laugh and reminisce about old times. It’s always exciting when one of us is getting married and we all come together. I like night outings because everywhere looks finer and there’s less traffic, so wedding after parties and night hangouts are my thing. Playing video games, anyone that knows me is aware of my love for video games. I get very excited like a little kid when it’s time to play video games. My favourite title is call of duty, it’s probably the only other thing apart from night prayers and woman (lol) that is capable of keeping me up at night. I recently had a fifa tournament with my secondary school mates and it was absolutely lit. Basically I find happiness and excitement in my immediate environment and the things I have access to that money can’t buy (Islam, family, friendship) and some that money can buy too, like video games (lol).   Connect with me on Instagram

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  1. Toyeen

    November 20, 2019

    Nice one

  2. Olajumoke

    November 20, 2019

    I could feel the writer’s excitement as I read the write-up.

    Family is a bountiful gift; one I sometimes feel we aren’t grateful enough for. You have a beautiful one.

    I like how you stated a few things money can buy as a source of happiness. They say money can’t buy happiness, but it can buy me a pair of fancy shoes and that will certainly make me happy. So yea, money can buy happiness.

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