Blog - November 2, 2019

Day 2 : The November Happiness Challenge 2019

Hi there, my name is Sunkanmi, and for those who know me (scrap that, nobody does lol)… …So, when I received this special invite to be an honored feature on Omotolani’s blog, I’d sooner  eat quicksand than say No, and to know why you’d have to trace it back 12 years. Wow, I can’t believe I’ve known this awesome being for 12 damn years, I’m not even 30 yet (I lied). Lest I digress too far from the topic, let me start by saying “HAPPINESS IS FREE”, not like we all didn’t know that, but this right here issa reminder in case you forgot what it feels like to be happy. There’s that saying that goes “you get to choose what makes you happy and what makes you sad”, I don’t know who the philosopher is but I’m sure he’s pretty smart…and good looking too. Sadly for me, today almost turned out to be an unhappy day, today I ended things with someone I had been in a trial relationship with for a while (all that gym equipment and we couldn’t work out), my vehicle broke down on the 3rd mainland bridge of Lagos, for those who know Lagos and what 3rd mainland bridge is, you would know that meant the longest moment of your long list of embarrassing moments. Coupled with that I had a long and stressful day “adulating” and failing woefully at it, I have a new job where my boss won’t stop breathing down my neck, colleagues who are sometimes hostile, and a canteen that doesn’t agree with my taste buds… Oh wait, there’s some good news in that, I got to hang out with a dude that looks so much like my younger brother, this guy resembles my brother so much my family couldn’t tell the difference when I shared his picture our family whatsapp group. We made a video call to my mum and she gathered the maids to come look at Dotun’s twin brother lol.   The thing is, I could have let all of those scenarios hold me back from having a happy day (they did for a while), but here I am recounting my ordeals to an abstract audience, over a bottle of my favorite beer, laughing from all the bants and fights over the trending “red flag” thread from Twitter…   So what makes me happy? It’s a combination of many things, people, places, memories…   This year I started out on a struggle, my now former work place had some clients owing money on my account’s, I mean, it was big money. I was often the subject of ridicule at status meetings, but somehow God turned it around for me, I retrieved almost all of those debts (couldn’t retrieve some due to some internal management decisions), became one of my MD’s favorites, despite starting out with him on a wrong foot,  introduced a new client at my place of work (we still got paid even though we didn’t win the account), Organized and spear-headed different campaigns.   This year, I got a new job, a job that excites me even though I’m at the teething stage with no idea of what’s going on. I became an account manager two years into the marketing and advertising business. One of my many best friend’s is getting married an I’m ecstatic (after this I’m hanging my best man boots), my not so little niece is also becoming a woman by marriage and lastly, my parents are alive and happily married, This month is also their birthdays.   I did say today was almost an unhappy day, I had my sad moments, I had my stressful encounters, but in the end, I chose to be happy for me, myself and I. Let nobody or anything determine your happiness, you are your best friend and your worst enemy, except your enemy is God then you are truly f*cked.   Stay Happy! Connect with me on Instagram

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  1. azeezah

    November 4, 2019

    nicely writte

  2. November 4, 2019

    Thank You Azeezah,.

  3. Olajumoke

    November 4, 2019

    Haha! Very humorous writer!

    The day we truly realise that our happiness is solely dependent on us is the day we begin to seek it genuinely and unreservedly. If you can’t make yourself happy, who then will?

    Congratulations on your successes.
    Wishing you great heights.

    • November 6, 2019

      Thank You Olajumoke. Trust you are doing well?

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