Blog - November 19, 2021

Day 19: The November Happiness Challenge 2021

Something happened when I was in final year, at the University of Ilorin.

I was ill, and very weak. Too weak to go anywhere. My symptoms had shown what the illness was, and I needed drugs fast. The only place I could get drugs at that time was in town, because I stayed within the school premises. I didn’t know what to do, because it was late at night and I didn’t have a car.

I buzzed a friend of mine and told him my dilemma. I just did because we are quite close and he knew I wasn’t feeling well. He asked me what the exact drugs I needed were, and I told him. I didn’t expect any magic, of course, considering the fact that I wasn’t even sure where exactly he was, but I knew he was in town and couldn’t get to me.

About one hour later, he called me and said he was outside my hostel. I couldn’t believe it. Outside my hostel? How? I knew he didn’t have a car, the last time I checked, and it wasn’t the era of Uber or Taxify. So what magic had he performed?

I went out to meet him and he handed the drugs to me, he said he had to call his friend who had a car to let him use it for some hours, just so he’d get me the drugs and bring to me because my health was important. I was so emotional on that day, I think I cried, because what is that selflessness?

It was especially beautiful because we weren’t in a romantic relationship, neither did any of us have it in mind. We were platonic friends who cared greatly about each other and we were already like siblings. There was never anything like ‘catching feelings’ like everyone says happens between friends of the opposite gender. Ours was, and is a friendship that we cherish greatly, and we respect boundaries as regards when we both have our respective partners, like now.

In Lagos, I had two very good friends.

One lived close to my neighbourhood, so he’d drop by every now and then. He cared for me like his own sister, and helped me with many things that I needed help with. I was once admitted at the hospital, and he left all he was doing to come stay with me and make sure everything was okay before he left. He would help with any task that was proving cumbersome for me at work, he built my CV a number of times, and pushed (pushes) me to be better. Great guy, I tell you.

Another was a friend who lived far away but had his home open for me and my friends anytime we had activities at his side of Lagos. He respected me so much, and would seek my counsel for many things. He didn’t want as little as a fly to lay on me at any time, and it is no wonder that life has shined on him abundantly in the past years. He is my brother, my very good brother, and I’ll appreciate him forever.

I have two other people who are awesome men.

When I was pregnant, I had someone who was like a big brother to me, and he’d drive me everywhere to satisfy my cravings. I wasn’t in the same town with my husband towards the last days of the pregnancy, so this brother made sure that I lacked nothing, as long as he could fix it. I remember craving Egbo one time and he really made sure he brought it for me. It was so sweet. He didn’t even mind carrying my balloon looking self to wherever I wanted, as long as I was okay. Selfless human being!

This other person, he has my back everytime, and makes sure he defends me anywhere my name is mentioned. He must have gotten into two or more altercations because of me at a point, because I just can do no wrong in his sight. I needed to clear some items for our baby before we had her, he went to the airport and sorted it all for us, despite the stress he had to go through because you know, everything in Nigeria must have Naija factor. He embodies goodness, and I love to see it.

These are the kinds of men I have in my life. Those five aforementioned, are platonic friendships that got built on respect, appreciation, care, and understanding. They show me kindness in every way, and this kindness extends to others around them, so it isn’t like it is reserved for select few. That is what goodness means to me, and I make bold to say that these people are good people.

My father, my brother, my husband; the men that God has blessed me with, and they have continuously shown me that they are amazing in more ways than one. I can relax with the knowledge that these people always have my back, and they’d travel the moon and back to ensure that I’m doing okay. These men!

November 19th is International Men’s day and I’m pretty excited that there is such a day. Men are really special, and they do so much to make the world a breathable place. You can’t deny the importance of their existence, and then praise the creator for it.

Today, we are going to say prayers for the men in our lives, and let them know that we are grateful for having them. We will think inwards and mouth words of prayers to God, for blessing us with wonderful men, then we will buzz them and encourage them with our words( if we haven’t done so already)

You thought I wouldn’t post today? Haha. I’m sorry it is late. We already signed a 30 day contract and by God’s grace, I won’t disappoint you.

See this fine girl

I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Olatoun Okediji

    November 19, 2021

    May Allah bless the men in our lives. Ameen.They truly are amazing

  2. Eniola

    November 20, 2021

    There are one too many of such amazing men to count. Dad, husband, brothers and yes my little son. You can’t keep up with how many many times he kisses me daily and yells. “I love you mommy”.

  3. Stylebydamie

    November 21, 2021

    May God bless the men in our lives who keep showing up for us always.
    Happy Int’l Men’s Day ❤️

  4. Stylebydamie

    November 21, 2021

    To my Dad, Hubby, Son, Brother, and my amazing friends. Happy Int’l Men’s Day ❤️

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