Blog - November 18, 2020

Day 18: The November Happiness Challenge 2020

The first time I saw Sola was in 2003 or thereabouts. That’s some good seventeen years ago, right on my street in Ibadan. The details of how we eventually started speaking are sketchy, but I know that I found out she was home for the long break then and by the time she returned to her secondarily school for the new session, we were already friends and we promised to keep in touch through letters. Over the years, we grew close and she was the only friend I had in the neighbourhood . I always looked forward to the long breaks when she would return home from boarding school, and she made my house her second home whenever she was around. We like to say that we were both Social prefects at our respective schools and that made us twins in a way. Sola runs the best spa and wellness center in Ibadan called Society Glam and I never tire to let people know of how cool the place is. I have bragging rights because I have referred many people there and they all had good testimonials to give.
It will be cliche to talk about how kind and magnanimous she is. But I’ll tell a little story. Sometime last year, I had planned the second Ibadan edition of my Meet and Greet and Sola graciously offered her space for us to have it. She didn’t just offer the space, she equally offered to sort some other logistics, without prompt. Some days before the event, she had a ghastly motor accident on her way to lagos. It was a really bad one and ya all know what? While she was in bed and just trying to recover, she made sure to reach out to me through her husband who was also recovering, to tell me that the space was still open for use and I should contact her staff for easy access. This was huge. I mean, this babe was not in the best of states and she was still thinking of her commitment to making my event happen. I was overwhelmed with love and gratitude that God saved her from the accident and I was really just hopeful for her quick recovery. I wasn’t expecting that she’d still offer the space since she wouldn’t be on ground but she did, and she let me know that she wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize the success of the event. That is one out of the many things this babe has done and still does for me. My parents adore her, and I can’t help but thank God for all she is and all she does. She is someone I enjoy chatting with, because there is always so much to talk about and she exudes joy. Thank you for being in my corner, Sola. You make me very happy and I pray that God continues to make you happy too. Today, the challenge is very easy. You only need to smile at everyone. That saying that a smile is charity? Do it today. Be the light to people around you by flashing a smile at them with a greeting. In other words, feyin e.

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  1. Omotayo

    November 18, 2020

    Sola sola.the dancer.

  2. Bookie

    November 18, 2020

    Pretty easy challenge for the day 😁

  3. November 21, 2020

    You are so blessed with many awesome people.

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