Blog - November 17, 2020

Day 17: The November Happiness Challenge 2020

It’s Day 17 of the challenge, how is it coming? I hope you are participating through and through? Please don’t get carried away with the stories, the challenge is mostly in the last paragraph, note it down and do it . When I was in my second year in university, I had a roommate called Bolaji. We grew close and found out we had lots of similarities in our perspectives of life. This drew us to each other and it was a pure friendship despite that she was two years ahead of me. We used to have conversations about different things and you wouldn’t believe she was older or anything, we spoke like agemates. After she left the University, we kept in touch and I used to update her about happenings in my life while she did same. She eventually had to leave the country to study and to be with her husband, but this never stopped our friendship. We became even closer and I never hesitated to reach out to her anytime I needed clarity on certain things, considering that she is more experienced and I can always count on her for unbiased counsel. Beejay lets me into her world so much that It feels like I’ve met her family and hung out with them many times despite not seeing them before. She gives me real life analogies to make me see things in a bette light, she talks to me like I’m her own sister and she is also ever willing to listen to me and redirect her perspective . Ours is a mutually respecting relationship and I love it very much.
When I started my Pallazo business in 2017, she was one of the first to place orders and she did it more than once. She didn’t care that it was a new endeavor and she had not seen the products physically, she just trusted me and supported the brand. These things will forever linger in my memory because, I don’t ever take selflessness for granted. Pregnancy was better with people like her in my corner, I mean, she wasn’t physically with me but she was with me fully in other ways. She would call, chat, do all sorts just to be sure she was present for me and I never felt alone. After the baby came, she had been there unmoving, and she regularly sends stuff to her. We share jokes, gists and suggestions with each other, talking to her makes me happy and makes me laugh because she has a nice sense of humour, I love it. Beejay is a UK mum blogger who runs a a personal blog on Instagram called OfficialAzeezah and her content is so wholesome and positive vibes filled. She talks about motherhood, parenting, marriage and navigating all this without neglecting one’s individuality. She runs a page that is unfiltered, and she is the kind of content creator you want to have on your timeline. Thanks for being my friend and sister, Beejay. I really appreciate your person and I pray that God continues to have mercy on you. Thanks for making me happy from time to time. Today, we are going to take a walk and target between 4K to 10k steps. If you already do it daily, awesome . But if you don’t? Today is that day to start it and I promise you that your body will thank you for it. Take out one hour today and take a walk, you can get your headphones to accompany you or if you have a willing person around you. I’ll be back.

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  1. Officialazeezah

    November 17, 2020

    I love you Tolani💕 thanks for the honour

  2. Toyin

    November 17, 2020

    You have so many awesome people in your corner, it’s not unexpected because you’re awesome too.

    Btw, I really enjoy walking but haven’t been able to get much steps in like before, it takes effort.

  3. Bookie

    November 18, 2020

    We all need a friend like Beejah in our corner. I love today’s challenge so much. I really should make it a habit!

  4. Kizzle

    November 20, 2020

    Fitfam geng!

  5. November 21, 2020


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