Blog - November 16, 2022

Day 16 : The November Happiness Challenge 2022


Behold a sight so pleasant to look at, glowing in the dark and shining through like it’s the most natural thing in the world. With her, you find no blemish, neither do you find a stain. Her gorgeousness is one even the heavens testify to, and the earths boast of. She is a beauty, and this beauty is both inwards and outwards, because it extends graciously to everyone around her, and they continously sing her praises in aknowledgement. Who is She? She is my mother. As you read this today, she clocks 60 years on earth, while also taking a bow off active work as the Assistant Director of Nursing at the University College Hospital,Ibadan. For years, we have discussed this day, and looked forward to it, with mixed feelings, and now it’s here, and we are thankful. Getting to six decades on earth isn’t a small feat, and we aknowledge that it is by God’s doing. I have spent just half of this on earth and I already know the many responsibilities it comes with so I definitely would not take any older person for granted. Lol. Living and growing up under my mum’s tutelage has taught me a lot, and everyday, I realise how alike we both are. Beyond having the same smile, we are both very accomodating and friendly, and we like to have happy vibes around us. Like me, she is the life of the party and she has many friends around her. A friend told me that there is nobody who works at UCH who doesn’t know my mum because of her very bubbly disposition. You can say this about me too, because if I stay for a while somewhere, everyone would definitely know me, no cap. Having a mother who you can speak to about literally everything is a blessing I’m always thankful for. She listens to us, and it’s the way with all of us her children. She even listens to our friends if they need to speak to her and provides guidance to them accordingly. She wants us happy always, and would go the extra mile for anyone affiliated with us. I have friends who would rather visit us if she is home because they are sure to have a great time and enjoy being with her. I really don’t know how she does all these and make it lok effortless, and I can only pray to be more like her. Being a Nurse means that she gets to interact and relate with a lot of people in their vulnerable state  and this she has done for about 35 years. She does her job dilligently and ensures to be kind to them. When people say that Nurses are mean, I am always bold to let them know that they haven’t met my mum. I have been a recipient of goodness extended to me by people who she has been kind to, and this follows us everywhere. Her selflessness truly cannot be described in full and you only need to meet her for you to fully grasp what I speak of. My mother would do anything for her kids, and there are so many hurdles of life that I have only been able to cross because I have her in my life, present and ever willing to help. She is a wonderful wife to my father, and I have learnt virtue from her amongst other things. Talk about an all rounder and amazing person; that’s my mother.  She doesn’t joke with Family and you’d see this in the way she regularly comes through for her siblings and people around them. She makes me so happy and I am proud to call her my mum, I am very proud that I came to this world through her. Today, I pray that God continues to bless my mother and grant her good health with a very long life. I pray that this retirement is the beginning of even more beautiful things in her life, and that she is genuinely happy. I pray that She continues to see us thrive and we keep making her proud of us. May we be given the resources and ability to take amazing care of her and do big things for her. May her beauty never fade, because indeed, she is beauty personified! Please, say a prayer for my mum. And if you’ve had an encounter with her, tell me about it in the comment section. Today is for her. I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Anu

    November 16, 2022

    Happy birthday grandma. Emi ase opo e in good health and prosperity. Have a very happy and easy year ma.

    My mom is also a November baby.

  2. Khadijah

    November 16, 2022

    Happy birthday ma’am. May the almighty grant you long life and prosperity and prosperity in wealth and perfect health. May you continuously be successful in all your endeavors.

  3. Olatoun

    November 16, 2022

    Happy birthday to our lovely mommy!! 😍 She is an amazing mother and a precious gem. May Allah continue to bless and uplift her. 35 years of service and turning 60 is no small feat. There really is a lot to learn from our mothers and the way they live their lovely lives. May Allah continue to bless her in every way and preserve her. Aameen.

  4. Kheffytee

    November 16, 2022

    Happy birthday mummy, I wish u many more amazing years of awesomeness, may your beauty never fade. May you continue to receive favour and kindness much more than you have given. May life after retirement be good to you, and u will live long to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Amin

    Thanks for blessing us with the gift of Omotolani, God bless you ma

  5. Uchenna

    November 16, 2022

    Happy birthday superstar mummy! The one and only Alhaja Busari kan of UCH! You are such a vibe mummy. Now I see where Tolani got a lot of her drive from and it’s so beautiful to experience.
    May the new year be even more beautiful. God bless and keep you ma.
    As you retire, may you not be tired.
    It is time to reap the fruits of your labour… may you not be found wanting. You are blessed on every side insha Allah. Aseyisamodun

  6. harleyma_

    November 16, 2022

    Happy birthday to her! May Almighty Allah perfect all that concerns her, Ameen.
    She is really beautiful 😍
    and these pictures are fine 😍


    November 16, 2022

    Happy birthday mummy, Wish you more beautiful years in good health, this is such a milestone and it’s worth celebrating, Thank you for welcoming all of us into your home and the random messages to check on us. We love you

  8. Rukayat

    November 16, 2022

    Mummy is such a gorgeous woman🥰. This smile is so beautiful 😍 i can see you took after her. I wish mummy long life and prosperity in Allah’s blessings. More beautiful year ahead of her.

    Happy Riterment to mummy 🎊🥰

  9. Beebah

    November 16, 2022

    Happy Birthday Mummy. She’s so beautiful, with the most beautiful smile and personality. May Allah continue to bless her and grant her all her heart desires. Long life and prosperity

  10. ENIOLA

    November 16, 2022

    I’ve missed the opportunity to meet her in person twice now, despite the fact that I have never met her in person, I strongly feel her sweet aura/personality through words spoken about her. She models what parenting should be like – friends with your kids. The depth and background shows that the friendship didn’t start overnight. Speaking with her over the phone before your wedding, I felt butterflies in my belle, like there was so much sweetness to give.
    God knows your deepest heart desires ma, He will come through for you in ways beyond human understanding ma. Happy Birthday everybody’s mummy. We love you ma ❤️

  11. Temitope

    November 18, 2022

    May God continue to bless mummy for us

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