Blog - November 16, 2020

Day 16: The November Happiness Challenge 2020

OmoKehinde Ejire, Ejire ara isokun… Errm I wish I could render the panegyrics properly, but I’m poor at it. Kehinde became my friend in Junior secondary school, and that is about twenty years ago. She was always so mature and you’d think she was my big sister or something. Our friendship has grown over the years and it is beautiful to see where we are now. While in secondary school, Kenny, as I call her, and I used to visit each other often, we would make sure to create time on weekends and sometimes when there were public holidays. Our routine was: visit, cook rice and sauce, eat, and gist. It really was that way for a long time and one would just imagine, is there no rice at home for each of you? Why must you visit each other always😂. But we knew we liked to be with each other and we didn’t let anything interrupt our visits. She eventually left my secondary school and went to another, but these visits didn’t stop. We went to different universities, our home visits continued, we graduated, it didn’t halt. We even learnt catering at the same place, and we continued our visits to each other’s homes. Imagine my delight when I moved to Abuja and I knew she was living right there, of course her home became mine and mine became hers. We would visit each other from time to time and trust me, the rice cooking ritual never stopped😂. While I was pregnant, Kehinde would come all the way from her house ( it isn’t a small distance) to help me in the house and also to cook rice for me. I knew it was a huge sacrifice she was making to come that far everytime, but she never complained about it and she did everything she did with visible joy.
Chose this picture because my babe just got married and I’m still quite pumped.
There is a lot to say about this babe, a whole lot. I’ll just summarize it by saying that she is a good person, and good people deserve good things. She makes me very happy and I love to talk to her and be with her. I wish you many beautiful years and I pray that God continues to journey with you, Ejire mi. Today, we will be brushing up our social skills by starting a conversation with someone we have not interacted with before. If you are out of the house today, it could be a colleague at work that you never really talk to, walk up to them and start a conversation. If you have to be home all day and you don’t have a neighbour around that you could try to initiate a conversation with, go on your social media, scroll down to someone you probably have admired or seen their posts for a while, or even someone you are seeing their post for the first time, send them a message and start a conversation. The content of what you’d tell them could be just you introducing yourself and telling them you want to check if they are doing great, it doesn’t have to be anything extra. Their response and how it flows would then determine what happens next. Do note that it could be of any gender, just send them a message and you’d be amazed at the friendships, relationships or businesses that could spring from there. You might also be saving someone! I’ll be back. OBA

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  1. Bookie

    November 18, 2020

    Sweet Kenny! Thank you for being selfless. I love the rice cooking ritual because I love rice a lot 😁
    I’ll try the day’s challenge. I’m quite antisocial but I’ll try. 💕

  2. Afolasade

    November 20, 2020

    Seems this selflessness runs in their family, I Know her younger sister and she’s adorable too…….

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