Blog - November 15, 2022

Day 15 : The November Happiness Challenge 2022


And we created you in pairs : (Quran 78: 8) Im 2019, shortly after the baby came, I knew I had to do something about the narratives that were flying online. The marriage institution had become so desecrated and the only things rapidly gaining ground were unpleasant stories thereby making the entire idea very unattractive. I aknowledged that there were indeed terrible marriages around, I mean, there was no need to deny it. However, terible marriages weren’t the only things that were in existence and achievable, so there arose a need to shine some torch on the beautiful marriages too, for those who are interested in it and would like to embark on it. This was how  Family Tips was birthed. It is a brand created to aplify healthy marriages, promote beautiful relationships and show the world that being Family oriented is very okay. Since inception, we have shared real life stories of young and upwardly mobile people who are finding their partrners in the most unconventional ways and making it tick, we also share their marital stories and how they are working on their growth.  My team members and I always get so excited when theses stories come in and we are able to share to the world. Cute things are happening in unions, I tell you. It gladdens our hearts everytime. This brand also reinforced one thing for me, which I have always known though. Most people want and seek Companionship. Forget the facade, guys. People want to be ‘bood’ up and they have lots of love to give. It might seem quite fancy to tell others publicly that you aren’t interested in relationships or in getting married, but privately, when we are alone, we know what we truly seek and that it might be the fear of being hurt that is holding us back. We weren’t created to do life alone and this shows in many things around us. Something that people sometimes talk about is how we can have platonic friends who can be our companions and all that. As much as I agree that some friends are amazing and can feel like our soulmates, I beg to chip in that platonic friendships are different from Romantic relationships and it is the latter that I speak of here. Please, allow yourself to give love and be loved in return, it can be the most beautiful thing you’d ever encounter. Companionship bangs, and I pray that we all find beautiful companions that will make it worthwhile. If you have friends who are always there for you ( which is a great thing by the way), a time might come when they’d find their own persons too, which might drastically reduce their availability for you. They aren’t being mean, and I’m not deliberately being harsh. I’m simply stating the reality of things and hoping we truly understand. Having someone to do life with, going home to them, waking up beside them, sharing milestones with them and doing many things together is something that I hope eevryone experiences, and I believe it is God’s plan for us. While hoping to find a beautiful companionship or if we have one already, I’d also like to implore us to be great companions ourselves, and to nurture what we have so that it blooms. There is no perfection anywhere, and the earlier we understood it, the better for us. God saw our human need, and filled it with the importance of companionship, hence His creation of marriage. If we all decided in our hearts to do right by one another and to have the fear of God, we’d truly have beautiful marriages, and the essence of the institution would never be eroded. Yes, I’m a Marriage enthusiast and I’d always preach it. Many people would say that Companionship can be attained without Marriage and yes, it is possible. But I still believe that its ultimate seal is Marriageand I believe this is largely due to my religious inclination. So, if you are a faithful person like me, I’d implore you to give Companionship a chance and work on being a great companion. It can be very very beautiful to share your life with someone, and even when the moments aren’t all fancy, you have the calm that this person is yours,  and they will stay. You can follow Family tips on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to keep abreast of the beautiful stories we share, and I promise you that it is also good for your mental health. You have to take charge of your life  and expose yourself to wholesome and positively inclined content about Marriage, especially if you are interested in towing that path. Life is already hard sometimes, we need a companion to wing it with. What does Companionship mean to you? Do you already have a Companion? Do you hope to have one? What are your thoughts on the idea of Companionship? Let’s gist. I’ll be back. OBA  

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  1. Olatoun

    November 15, 2022

    First to comment !!!!😃💃🏿
    Okay. So I have thrived, grown and blossomed in love and companionship Alhamdulillah. A good companion cannot be overemphasized.I have grown so much with love by my side and recognize how blessed I am. I love healthy, nurturing love and friendships and strive to put out the love I desire. I hope everyone can experience and thrive in love , to make the world a happier place . I love the work you’re doing with family tips and love every thing else you do.❤️

  2. Kheffytee

    November 16, 2022

    Companionship has brought forth so many things for me that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve alone. Knowing I have my own personal person dt has my back and I have got his too makes me happy. I am a lover of marriage just like u and I am an advocate of the truth that we are to do life in pairs

  3. Beebah

    November 16, 2022

    Companionship is amazing and it’s something everyone deserves to experience in their lifetime.
    This was so beautiful to read ❤️

  4. Ameenah

    November 18, 2022

    Companionship is very beautiful, I hope to one day have a family of my own. I have been able to achieve positive growth because of the partner that i have.

  5. Temitope

    November 18, 2022

    Life becomes better when you have your person. Being married now makes me understand why people made marriage a big deal because it is actually a big deal.

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