Blog - November 14, 2019

Day 14 : The November Happiness Challenge 2019

Hi everyone, my name is Olayemi Izevbekhai, I bet you didn’t pronounce my surname right…it took me about a year to perfect the pronunciation myself…lol. I would like to share few things that make me happy.  I am a mum of two and ever since I had my first child, I haven’t been able to go back to work. It’s not been easy at all but I found some ways to keep happy.  Before I went on my “sabbatical leave” I was a nursery practitioner (teacher of 2-year-olds to 5-year-olds) and you can imagine how busy my life was. All of a sudden I had to give that up to stay at home in order to look after my baby. At first I wasn’t too happy with this because life was very boring, so I started craft work. On my own I would make lovely crafts, for example I would get a plain mug and design it, make a wall decoration and frame it, etc. This brought me so much happiness because it didn’t just keep me busy, it also brought out the talent I didn’t know I  looking at all the lovely things I hand made and also getting compliments like, wow! did you actually make this?, oh, I think you should put this up for sale, this living room looks beautiful with the wall frame hanging on the wall, etc. brought me so much joy. When my son turned 6 months we started working together. I would paint his hand or foot to make hand or footprints, we did lots of sticking and general crafts. He was learning and having fun and I on the other hand was having fun too. This as little as it may seem made me and my son even bond more and I couldn’t be happier. I had my second child and as you can tell she joined the workshop and we three have been working together, learning,  having fun and creating. For father’s day,  we made a card for daddy, we also made him a birthday card. Below are some of the things we made. insert picture Another thing that makes me happy is taking pictures…feel free to call me vain 😁.  It all started back in secondary school, my uncle came back from abroad and he had a camera, I think it was kodak, I stylishly took over ownership.  My uncle saw how much I liked “playing” with the camera, so he let go of it. Ladies and gentlemen,  that was how I became a proud owner of a Kodak camera. Back in the days, trust me it was a big deal😁. My friends used to call me a photo addict but it didn’t bother me because I enjoyed doing it and most importantly it made me happy.  Fast forward to the age of camera phones, I graduated from snapping pictures,  printing negatives and then printing hard copies to snapping pictures on camera phones and saving them on memory stick. Although when camera phones first came, they weren’t common and very expensive, if I lay my hands on one, I would take pictures till the battery runs down. I would take pictures of friends unawares and show it to them later which they always appreciated and praised me for capturing those moments.  It may interest you to know that a career was born out of what I simply did for fun and leisure. In other words, happiness gave me a career. Today, I am a professional photographer, please follow your girl on Instagram @Endowedphotography1 winkwink    Last but not the least I would like to share today is dancing. Dancing is my recipe for distress, whenever I listen to music, I make sure I shake my body. I could be sitting, standing, on the go or even on the bus. Whenever I dance,  somehow I feel my burden lighter 😁 in other words, it makes me forget my sorrows. Sometimes I even dance without music and people around me just wonder what is wrong with me.  I simply tell them #happinessisfree.  Guys, life is too short to worry and stress over things, especially things you cannot control or change.  Live life to the fullest, just because #Yolo . Thanks for reading, God bless you all   Connect with me on Instagram  

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  1. Eniola

    November 14, 2019

    Interesting read. How sweet it is to make money while having fun.

  2. Toyeen

    November 14, 2019

    Good read

  3. Abdulhammed

    November 14, 2019

    thanks for sharing. that your surname, i would like to hear the pronunciation tho.

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