Blog - November 12, 2015


Hi guys. We have a domain now. Yaaaaaaas! So, we can come directly to  instead of the former  I stalled this for too long and decided to just get it over with today.* Inserts big grin* I’m still waiting for some of you  to show me your pictures and tell me what they mean to you. I got some very beautiful ones via my BBM/Whatsapp already. . Many people took selfies (smh, Self lovers) and gave me meaningful explanations for that. I’m glad the intent of this whole challenge is being manifested as the days go by. Today, we get to write, again.
  • Pick a pen and notepad
  • Write ten things you are grateful for
  • Bask in the euphoria of your numerous blessings.
You’d be amazed at the many things you would end up writing. You might even go way beyond ten, there are uncountable reasons around us to be grateful, some, we have taken for granted.  Here is mine :
  1. Being Muslim
  2. Good health
  3. Family
  4. Friends that stayed…
  5. Relationships fostered through the years
  6. My job (Gosh! I love my job)
  7. My Future husband ( Yes, I’m grateful for him because I know He’d be worth it)
  8. Getting most things I want at the time I want it (Food, Clothes, the whole hang!)
  9. How God ordains what is good for Me and rejects what is bad for me. (This has saved me!)
  10. Ability to be Grateful.
I have many other things I’m grateful for and I already made a mental note of them.. You see you could have more too Let’s see your ten! Today, I took a selfie with a pretty Co worker and I decided to share with you . IMG-20151112-WA002 Once again, welcome to I’ll be back . BOS! Featured Image Credit :

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