Blog - November 10, 2019

Day 10 : The November Happiness Challenge

What make me happy??? Honestly; love does! I love love and I thrive on love….Fortunately for me, I met the love of my life at 19 and it’s been nothing short of beautiful. The way that he loves me and makes me feel gives me joy! I always said; if I never ended up with him, it would be hard to find someone else ; cos the bar he set is very very high! The things about being in love and being lover right is that it reflects in every part of your life and that makes you productive in everything you do.. Aside from love, I am a broadcast enthusiast and whenever I am having a bad day or tired of not having my dream job, I watch CNN; I call Rosemary Chuch , Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon and the rest of them my colleagues… I enjoy watching the news , especially breaking news; actually, I am obsessed….Each time I watch the news , I am inspired and reminded that i can do whatever i set my mind on and someday i am going to be a news anchor / tv host and ofcos be on an international platform. If I am not watching the news, I watch shows like “The View” “Sarah and Micheal” “Todays Show” I enjoy these shows cos it reminds me of my dream and it puts a huge smile on my face… Lastly, the only race is the human race and its important we are kind and compassionate towards one another… One of the greatest things that give me joy is making the next person to me smile… I am huge on compliments, I cheer and support people and each day, I spread , preach and show kindness…. What makes me happy the most is seeing the born person is smiling due to my action or thoughts or compliment… One of my favourite persons in the world is a cleaner in my office; I cook for him more than I have cooked for my husband in our 3 years of marriage (LOL) Honestly, I would do anything for Seun; just because so many pple look down on people who dont wear tie ; but I treat these pple better than I treat my colleagues (not that i treats my colleagues bad) I go over the top for the likes of Seun and others…. And as a mom; it give me great joy when I go to my sons school and I see that he is sharing the Doughnut I bought him with 3 other people; or when grandma says “Inam shared his ribena and sweet and biscuit” Wehn I call my son to ask why ,he replies with “mama say; I I shuld share my things” or when his friends visit; he says to me “mama cook spag and he ensures he serves them” or he goes into the fridge to share his biscuits with them… As a mom I teach my son the importance of kindness and I emphasize on learning how to share and give and be kind because everything we have is from GOD…Now I tell my son ‘dont share school supplies” We need the world to be a better place and its important we spread love and kindness; just because KINDNESS IS BEAUTIFUL.   Connect with me on Instagram

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  1. Toyeen

    November 10, 2019

    “We need the world to be a better place and its important we spread love and kindness; just because KINDNESS IS BEAUTIFUL.”

    Great post.

  2. Olajumoke

    November 11, 2019

    I really really love this kindness and compassion campaign. I believe strongly that it is one of the bedrocks of humanity; take it from the equation and we will be worse than the devil.

    You are doing an amazing job with your son; if at that age, he already knows how to share his stuff with people. Amazing, amazing stuff.

    After watching some of your IG videos, I know you’ll make a terrific TV host/ news anchor; it’s only a matter of time. I wish you lofty heights in your chosen career.

    Say hello to Seun; may God reward your kindness towards him.

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