Blog - November 1, 2017

Day 1: The November Happiness Challenge

Hello Omotolaniee Readers, it is November! How are you guys doing? What has been happening with you?,What gists do you have for me? You know I am always open to these updates and stories. Hit me up!So much has happened in the past year that I cannot wait to share with you guys.  It has been quite an eventful year and for some people who follow me through my other platforms, they already have an idea of the few happenings. The picture below summarizes the most memorable part so far! I know you have been looking forward to this but at the same time, it feels almost unreal that it is November already. It seems like just last night that we had our month-long journey of happiness and now we are embarking on another one. We bless God. We actually started this in 2015 guys, this is the third episode and I am happy that it gets bigger every time. I appreciate everyone who has stuck by and I cherish everyone who got here newly.  For old readers who have been a part of this from the start or who joined last year, I say welcome back. For new readers, I say Hi, welcome to the  Happiness Challenge, I hope this gets to be worth your while. This year, I have decided to infuse some difference. Instead of dishing out activities for thirty days, I have consulted and collaborated with some amazing bloggers and we will be having their tips, stories and happiness ideas. What this means is that, as the days go by,every other day,  we get one blogger to talk about his/her happiness routine from experience  and share ideas on how they think we can also attain happiness. We will eventually be having many people taking us through this for thirty days and it really looks like so much fun already. Did I hear somebody say Yay? That is not all, we have brand collaborators this time again. offering amazing products and services and they are all proudly Nigerian!  There are lots of freebies to be won from them as usual and  I cannot wait to share them with you. You know the rules already, just participate in the activities every day and make sure to camp yourself in the comment section where you give feedback. From shoes to clothes to services among other things, You might just be a lucky winner and guess what? Everyone had a win or two after the last episode, It might happen again this year. For instance, we will be giving out this beautiful Jumpsuit from Kinkee-Grey  to one lucky reader. Yinka is the CEO of Kinkee-Grey and I have followed her works for a while now. She makes the most beautiful clothes and her finishing is what? Amazing! I am a sucker for designers who pay attention to details and she sure is one of those. Kinkee-Grey is a female apparel brand for the timeless and stylish woman and they source for fabrics for any occasion.  They specialize in: 1.ready to wear(office wears/casuals) 2.Bridal train and reception dresses
  1. Custom made outfits

  2. Door to door (delivery) services.

See some of their works below: They can be contacted via their Whatsapp No.+23480 580 22 800 and Instagram @kinkeegrey Now to the activity for today. Yikes! Today, we are going to be reminiscing on the last challenge and what habits we were able to save and inculcate. What are those activities that the last challenge taught you that you have been able to stick by? For the newbies, what has been your happiness tip for the past year? What is that thing that you regularly engage in to bring you happiness? Do state them via the comment section. I’ll be back. BOS

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  1. Oyinkan

    November 1, 2017

    Worrying only depreives you of your happiness

    • November 1, 2017

      True true. Thank you

      • November 1, 2017

        I Basically just make sure I appreciate more,complain less,Dance sometimes and get my self stucked on Twitter 😊😊

        • November 1, 2017

          Looool oshay Twitter addict. Weldone o.

          • November 2, 2017

            Congratulations on your engagement…..May it be the beginning of glad tidings In Sha Allah and May He make you guys best of friends ☺☺

  2. Rahmart

    November 1, 2017

    I’m new here! I plan But Allah is the best of planners. Eating,hanging out with friends and praying makes me happy

  3. November 1, 2017

    *Run into the blog with excitement*.

    Yay! We are live again!!! So excited!!!!! Can’t wait to see what you have in stock for us this year.
    So many things was learnt last year and i have been able to make them an habit but that one I really don’t take for granted anymore is appreciating my close friends more. Telling them our amazing they are and how much I love them. Definitely love them but I don’t get to tell them often but that has changed since the last year’s Challange.

    • November 1, 2017

      Halimah my amazing regular! Thanks so much sister, I am glad I know you and I appreciate that you are a part of this again, in a bigger way.

  4. Ameerat

    November 1, 2017

    I’m so excited to be a part of this year’s episode again, I’ve cultivated the habit of smiling a lot and checking on people I’ve not heard from.

    Congrats once again 🎉🎉..

  5. Vivian

    November 2, 2017

    I couldnt have missed this……yaaaaaahhh am glad am gonna witness this again….learnt alot last year and i have really put them in action and guess what!!! They have really helped me to become a better person….congrats once again dearie u know wht am congratulating you for….lmaooo

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