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Brand Review : Ymaxx Cakes



I came across Ymaxx cakes on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. I know many business owners have an assumption that Instagram is the only platform where they can get lots of sales but I am here to say no to that. Yes, there are lots of great marketing options on Instagram but have you explored Twitter? The possibilities are numerous and the reach is far. It has no Algorithm structure similar to Instagram’s and you know what that means? No restrictions! That is not why we are here though. We will discuss different platforms and their marketing opportunities in future posts. So, I saw someone retweet some cake pictures to my timeline and I was attracted by how beautiful they looked. I followed the account (Yasmama07) because I am a regular lover of  beautiful things. This account was for the CEO of the business and somehow we got talking.  After a while, I saw another tweet where someone said they couldn’t wait to get to Abuja to taste the yummy cake from this same account. I got more interested and there and then told myself that I would order something from them soon. The challenge was that I was not in  Abuja then but I planned to send it as a gift to someone. It is worthy of note that I am not a cake person, You would not see me go out and order a cake just for chops or look forward to eating cake. During my birthdays, I receive many cakes but I always make sure to share them because leaving them at home would amount to them wasting. However, I looked forward to tasting these cakes from Yas because they looked different from the regular. She then promised to make some for me anytime I would be around in Abuja. True to her words, she made a pretty platter for me and it was yum! I was not disappointed at all


Ymaxx Cakes is primarily located in Abuja but they do nationwide delivery too  


Ymaxx has reasonably priced cakes. I try to shy away from the word ‘Affordable’ because this is highly contextual. The price you put on your product will be perceived by many people in different ways. Since this is a personal review, I make bold to say that her prices are really good for the kind of cakes she makes.





From what I have tasted, this is a business that carefully selects their onions. You’d be munching on cakes from Ymaxx and it’d be hard to decipher what particular yumminess you are tasting. This is because she does a lot of experimenting with different ingredients and she has perfected the art of blending. I saw popcorns in the last ones she made for me yo. And some others I have no name for.


If you want to make a cake or cakes, you would give a four day advance notice because it takes four days for them to get that perfection you seek.  It is advisable to book ahead so that you can get it ready on the day it is needed


Beautiful packaging with fancy ribbons on top!    


The delivery person who gave me the last cakes was not so pleasant so maybe Ymaxx should do employ the services of better mannered Delivery companies so they don’t rub their unpleasantness off on the business.

Rate Card

  • Just like IsharsApparel, they are rated 9/10 because they are almost perfect!
  Contact Instagram Twitter Whatsapp : 08136684991

Comments (7)

  1. SDada

    March 6, 2018

    👏🏽 I personally don’t have cake until I have max, she tickles all my taste buds and I’m very hard to please. Always so proud of you Yasmeen ❤️

  2. Shay

    March 6, 2018

    These look yummy!!

  3. Barry

    March 6, 2018

    So you do product reviews?nice!

  4. Ibrahim Scopo

    March 6, 2018

    Yasmama is by all sense of the phrase, a CAKE BOSS. She rejuvenates the taste buds

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