Meet and Greet With Omotolaniee

How our 2020 MAGWO Zoom party went

September 10, 2021

MEET AND GREET WITH OMOTOLANIEE started in 2018 and we keep going higher, it is very beautiful to see.

2020 came, and who could have known that we would spend the most part of the year locked down in our respective homes, and working remotely? It was quite unexpected and sudden, but then, life must go on right?

Based on this, we decided to have an event that would defy all odds ; A Zoom party! We lefft no stone unturned and planned it to the letter. We had a dress code as is the usual with all our events, and we also ensured small clusters of our women who stayed close to one another.

We had introductions done, had  sessions of educative topics, experiences shared and more. Our ladies came through with all of the slay and you’d have easily assumed that it was a physical event.

Dress code was all white. Enjoy the pictures:


Ibadan hosted us for MAGWO, for the second time and it was amazing

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