Episode 7 : Fiction20. SECRETS

March 15, 2018

Jaja sat on the terrace in the beach apartment he was renting, sipping on the cold mai tai in front of him, enjoying the sea breeze. He could spot Anita on the beach,making her way towards the apartment. The best thing about the apartment was that you could see the whole island from here. He could tell when people came and when they went. And to the locals, he was just another dark skinned man with a nice accent and…

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Features and Collabs

The ABC of Registering your Business Name in Nigeria

March 13, 2018

Gone are the better old days of our parents, when government took seriously its responsibility of providing immediate profitable employment for the few Nigerian graduates. Or the good old days of those big Aunties and Uncles, when Nigerian graduates despite considerable increase in their number, only needed relatively good results for a place in the workforce. Fast forward to  many years and decades, most young Nigerians have come to the realization that business is no longer as usual. Government job…

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Episode 6: #Fiction20 KARMA

March 8, 2018

  Revenge they say, is a dish best served cold but then, I wouldn’t know, I like my meals spicy hot. People think I’m mean, when all I do is look out for my family. Jaleel is weak and the 13th descendants of the Dan Fodio clan are not known for weakness. The instruction was simple – kill them off, get closer to the daughter and finish her too. I trusted my baby brother to do this – for me,…

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Brand Review

Brand Review : Ymaxx Cakes

March 5, 2018

YMAXX CAKES Experience/History I came across Ymaxx cakes on Twitter. Yes, Twitter. I know many business owners have an assumption that Instagram is the only platform where they can get lots of sales but I am here to say no to that. Yes, there are lots of great marketing options on Instagram but have you explored Twitter? The possibilities are numerous and the reach is far. It has no Algorithm structure similar to Instagram’s and you know what that means?…

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