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Of Beginnings and Decisions…

July 9, 2017

I left Lagos in May, as some of you might already know. It was a decision that I made in a day, despite having it in the works for way over  a year. I just stood up that day and told myself that I had had enough, Lagos did not seem like the place for me and I just could not cope any longer. I made some calls, left for Ibadan to see my parents and to tell them of…

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Here are the easy steps to Letting go…

April 19, 2017

I’m sorry I misguided you, there are no easy steps or guidelines or procedures, to letting go of something or someone you have grown an attachment to. You can read up a zillion books, or attend a million classes, but just like most other natural occurrences/unpleasant happenings in life, there is no manual to it. No manual at all. Someone reached out to me recently and said she would love to read about a particular topic on my blog, I…

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This ‘Happily Ever After’ Story got me in Stitches

January 12, 2017

Hello my people, I’m sorry I have been quiet since the beginning of the year, I am still working on the series I promised you. I came across this story on WeddingDigestNaija and I thought to share it with you all, I believe stories about Relationships and Marriages would interest many of us. Please read, digest and let me know what you think.   The story goes thus: My name is Ibukun, you can just call me Ib as that is…

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