#The Z and W Wedding : Episode 2

July 28, 2018

Hello people, I apologise for taking so long to write this after writing the first episode of The wedding series . I appreciate everyone who reached out to me to let me know they were waiting for the continuation and it really gladdened my heart that people are really looking forward to my writing. Thank you! After listing out the items as discussed earlier we then deviced a means to sort them all so that we would know what we…

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#The Z and W Wedding : First Episode

July 3, 2018

I have written about how my husband and I met here, so I would not want to bore you guys with the details again. We really did not know we would get married last year, we had an unspoken agreement that we would have a 2018 wedding. In fact, when we hung out with a brother, Ayulah in August, he asked us when the wedding was happening and we confidently told him it would happen in 2018. When he posted…

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Getting yourself Safe in an ‘Unsafe World”

June 21, 2018

I have always wanted to feature stories about how women can survive in this world. I always look forward to reading about safety hacks from the bloggers I follow and I try as much as possible to implement these hacks. Debs of Debswritesblog is a personal fave and I just love how she manages to talk about these strategies and infuse her experiences into them. When I sought content from my friend, Taofeeqah, and she sent the below in, you…

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Episode 20: #Fiction20. The Finale

June 14, 2018

There were many things Jamila was, what she wasn’t was careless. Alhaji had money when he was alive. Lots of it. This and the heightened rivalry between him and his business partners were why his life was cut short before he could enjoy the wealth he had gathered. When he told Jamila of the stash he had away in many different accounts, she was not exactly shocked because he definitely lived the life. When he handed her the details and…

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