My journey through Conception, Pregnancy and Labour

July 3, 2019

This true story was sent in by someone who would prefer to be anonymous, we hope you learn a thing or two from it. Enjoy   TRYING TO CONCEIVE I got married in June 2017 to a wonderful man. We simply wanted to fulfill the order of Allah because we had fallen in love with each other and didn’t want to be careless with our emotions. We had the most simple Nikkah ever. I had just graduated from the University…

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Having Baby F : My pregnancy and Labour story

June 14, 2019

This is a long overdue post. But I’m glad I waited and didn’t rush. It is going to be lengthy, and enjoyable , I hope.   I got married in December 2017.  If you live in the part of the world where I live, you would understand that people have expectations about your life and really believe you should live by them. I mean, who are you not to follow their perceived natural procession of growing up, going to school,…

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The Z and W Wedding : Episode 3

April 3, 2019

This is a long overdue post and I apologize, I hope you guys forgive me. You can read the previous episode here  After we received his clothes from the tailor in Abuja, He tried them on when we got to the house  and we both stared at each other then started laughing. The clothes were beautiful, in fact they were perfect… perfect for a casual outing! We decided there and then that we couldn’t let him wear them for the…

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2018: The year of New Beginnings

March 29, 2019

Last year, I told myself in January, that I’d put myself out there more and be all up in people’s faces about my business, career and everything I am about. I didn’t write goals or aspirations on any paper as would be the norm, I just created a mental note and promised myself I’d follow through by Allah’s help. You know, I got married in December 2017 so the year started with me being… a wife.  As they say, one…

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